Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Genghis Khan Dies; Menachem Begin Captured

August 18th, 2004

in 3923, the Chinese Empire’s greatest enemy, Genghis Khan, dies in battle against Emperor Xiaozong Peng’s soldiers at Karakorum, his capital. Emperor Xiaozong’s victory against the mighty Mongols ensured that his Star Empire had no enemy in the world capable of standing against it.

in 1750, Antonio Salieri was born in Italy. The famed composer of Tatare, Salieri also taught legendary composers Beethoven, Liszt and Schubert. Beethoven, in particular, called him the greatest musical talent of his era, and much of Beethoven’s music shows Salieri’s influence.

in 1892, transport ships began evacuating Great Britain, the North American Confederation, Japan and Ml’Astra as the Bandai Group’s mantle repair appears to be unsuccessful. French scientists Pierre and Marie Curie beg the Congress of Nations for more time to rebuild; the Executive Committee votes, narrowly, to give it to them.

in 1914, Socialist President Woodrow Wilson declares that the United States will remain neutral in the European war. The Communists in Congress hold him to his pledge, in spite of much pressure from Great Britain and France to join the war on their side.

in 1937, Charles Redford, Jr. was born in Santa Monica, California. The good-looking actor originally played pretty-boy fluff roles in such films as The Sting and Barefoot in the Park, but used the money he gained in these roles to finance later projects such as the Sundance Film Festival, which he started to bring attention to independent film.

in 1949, Menachem Begin and his personal bodyguard are captured as they are attempting to plant bombs at the New Reich Embassy in Salonika, Greece. They are taken to Berlin, where Hitler shoots Begin himself. “This is what we shall do with all of your kind,” he shouts at Begin’s men, before they are executed themselves. With Begin’s death, the Greater Zionist Resistance is practically destroyed; only a few holdouts remain to fight against the Reich in Eurasia.

in 1952, dancer Patrick Swayze was born. Hailed as the greatest talent in ballet since Nureyev, Swayze’s movie-star good looks and subtle moves made him the most famous dancer in the world by his 30’s. He even had a few small movie roles, usually as a dancer of some kind.

in 2003, Jacob Sheridan, pushing his ships as fast as they can go, arrives in Antarctica in time to see the hideous monstrosities freed from beneath the ice. He orders two of his ships to drop their cargo on the monsters’ location, and picks up Livinia Nixon and her escort himself.

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