Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Red Jack; Titanic Failure

August 31st, 2004

in 1888, the Holy British Empire was rocked by a series of murders of nuns, beginning with Sister Mary Nichols of London on this day. The murderer sent a series of letters to the police, detailing the murders, signed with the unsettling name of Jack the Ripper.

in 1896, Charleston, South Carolina was evacuated as the local weather-control station had detected an earthquake coming; when the quake hit, some buildings were damaged, but no lives were lost. This was the first test of the new Congress of Nations regulations regarding weather control; they would allow catastrophic events to occur, as long as the inhabited areas could be evacuated, first.

in 1935, Leroy Cleaver, leader of the Semitic-African Resistance in the 70’s, was born in Wabbaseka, Arkansas. During the 60’s, he had chafed at the S.A.R.’s policy of not seeking out violence; with the election of George Rockwell to the presidency in 1968, he moved to the forefront of the Resistance, organizing several attacks on the American Bund and other Nazi-sympathetic organizations.

in 1945, Pascal-Edison’s electric cars finally get a competitor – British Motor Works produces the Apollo, an electric car which recharges its power cells with solar power. It sells fairly well in the U.K., but does extremely well in warmer climes, such as the American Southwest and the Arabian peninsula.

in 1959, Sandy Koufax of the Los Angeles Stars set a Town Ball record by striking out 18 hitters.

in 1994, after 39 years of violent resistance, the Irish People’s Army renounced armed conflict against the United Kingdom. The withdrawal of support by the Soviet States of America had left the terrorists without appreciable sources of funding.

in 1998, Titanic became the most expensive failure in Hollywood history when distributors gave up on it and stopped trying to sell it to theaters. It had cost over $200 million to make, and had brought in a little under $38 million. After this disaster, director James Cameron found it hard to get a job again.

in 2003, Jacob Sheridan and his volunteer crew of 6 arrive in Antarctica and dig their way down under the ice. There, they find that the monsters freed by the Martians are building some sort of strange machine. In spite of his desire to find out what’s happening to Livinia Nixon, he knows that he must examine this machine for the safety of the earth. What he finds in the machine makes him flee with his team back to Australia.


Anonymous said...

In our universe, of course, "Jack the Ripper" was a name invented by the press, but this is an alternate history.

Charles said...

Actually, Jack the Ripper was a name that was signed to a letter. The letter is probably fake, and might've been invented by a reporter, but it wasn't invented by the press.

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