Thursday, August 05, 2004

Spangler Brugh Born In Filley, Nebraska

August 5th, 2004

in 1891, the vulcanologists at Bandai, Japan, begin commandeering Mlosh-style space ships from around the world and converting them into cargo carriers. They will be traveling to the asteroid belt to gather raw material for a bold scheme – rebuilding the earth’s mantle!

in 1911, famed actor Spangler Arlington Brugh was born in Filley, Nebraska. Always an iconoclast, he made his name starring in such costume dramas as Ivanhoe, Quo Vadis, and Knights of the Round Table. His unusual name and quirky sense of confidence endeared him to critics and audiences alike, in spite of initial misgivings at MGM, which wanted to rename him something more common, like Robert Taylor.

in 1921, Carla Lambert directs Winds of the Heart, a small film about a farm family in Nebraska that is forced to deal with death, poverty and the breakup of the husband and wife’s marriage. It is often cited on many critic’s top 10 lists of best films of the 20th century.

in 1944, the German Underground, now calling itself The New Reich, captures 348 Greater Zionist Resistance fighters in Poland, and summarily executes them. Adolf Hitler, leader of the New Reich, issues a statement that loudly proclaims this as the new policy of the Reich. Protest across the world is weak, at best, emboldening Hitler to even worse atrocities.

in 1966, Pete Best released Drumsticks, an all-instrumental album. Best played most of the instruments, and all of the percussion, on the album, and the stirringly experimental sounds of the album captivated critics. Fans bought it out of a sense of loyalty, but it didn’t sell as well as Best’s more conventional albums.

in 1981, air-traffic controllers, federal employees banned from striking, confront President Mondale. In spite of temptation to have them fired and end the strike, Mondale negotiates with the controllers, and reaches a fair settlement of their grievances. Labor is forever after grateful to Mondale, but the move enrages conservatives who declare that Mondale is in the pocket of big unions.

in 1990, President George Bush declared that “America does not have a stand, vis-à-vis Arab-Arab hostilities.” This allowed Iraq to hold Kuwait and siphon its resources, which it desperately needed after the disastrous war with Iran. America weathered a storm of criticism for not leading a military or diplomatic drive to push Iraq out of Kuwait, but Bush believed that he needed to stand by his old ally to provide a counterweight to Iran in the region.

in 1999, Philippine authorities find 5 dead men in an old mosque in the province of Zamboanga del Norte. They seem to have been ripped to shreds, but the police find no evidence of a weapon that could have done it, and there is no animal native to the area capable of such a feat.


Anonymous said...

I'm very curious for a physical description of the Mlosh. I don't think I've missed one earlier in the timeline, maybe one will be forthcoming?


Robbie Taylor said...

There may not be one in the TIAH, but if the Mlosh timeline keeps its lead in the poll, I will be giving one of them in the novel/short story/screenplay that will be coming out about them. Thanks for reading!

John said...

Maybe I'm just cynical, but the Mlosh are too good, to altruistic, to be true.

They have to be somewhat humanoid for humanity in the 1720's to even contemplate getting along with the Mlosh, let alone exterminating them.

Similar results imply similar starting points. There may be a yet-unrevealed connection between the two species (or breeds).

So, these nice guys come and stop volcanos while uniting the planet. This action creates the need for an armada of ships to go to the asteroid belt. This entire chain of events would not have occurred if the Mlosh had not arrived on Earth. It feels like this is the one, or at least a, way the Mlosh wanted events to unfold.

Now why use the asteroids to repair the earth's mantle? Why create a chain of events that culimnates in having to haul alien soil to earth, to fix what they had caused?

(Mighty Wurlitzer crescendo!!!)

Well, I'm having a lot of fun with your site, sir. Thank you.

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