Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Paris Surrendered; Swingin' The White House

August 25th, 2004

in 1180, Islamic colonists in the Western hemisphere publish Al-hoda, the first Arabic publication in the hemisphere. It helps teach the natives the Arabic language and the truth of Allah.

in 1835, Sir John Herschel led a group of human and Mlosh colonists to found the Brahe community on the moon. The success of Brahe led to the founding of Tjapara, Soma and Tsuki-yomi. By the end of the 19th century, there was a thriving population of almost 2 million people on the moon.

in 1943, the Greater Zionist Resistance lost Paris to the German Underground. They let the city go rather than have it be destroyed in combat, earning them a great degree of gratitude from the French; in the dark days that followed, many French people hid Zionists from the Nazis.

in 1949, famous educational advocate Chaim Witz was born in Haifa, Israel. After emigrating with his parents to the U.S., Witz became an elementary school teacher in New York, where he soon took up the cause of poor children in this country. His outspoken criticism of segregation and the sorry state of schools in poor districts led to a national system of public education.

in 1950, President Truman’s daughter, Margaret, releases her jazz album, Swingin’ the White House, which she recorded with the Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra. It is a surprise hit, critically as well as commercially, and Miss Truman follows it up with 10 solid albums before retiring in 1977.

in 1994, Margaritaville singer Jimmy Buffet was killed when his plane flipped after takeoff from a small airport in Nantucket. In tribute to the man who had made the drink famous, all Margaritas in America were free on the day of his funeral.

in 4691, monarchist Liu Wu was arrested at the home he had been hiding at in the eastern province of Lakota. Wu had been bombing voting precincts throughout the furthest regions of the Chinese Empire, and was imprisoned for life after he was caught.

in 2003, Jacob Sheridan’s fleet gives chase to the Martian that broke through their line. Meanwhile, on earth, Livinia Nixon finds herself in a maze underneath Antarctica that is obviously as old as the ice above it.

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