Monday, August 23, 2004

Mlosh Weather-Control Technology Curtailed; John Travolta Defects

August 23rd, 2004

in 1866, the Austro-Prussian War was temporarily halted by a Communist-inspired solidarity movement among the soldiers. Both sides laid down their arms and refused to fight. When enough leaders of the movement were executed by the leaders of Austria and Prussia, the war resumed.

in 1892, in a world-wide address, (and across hyperspace to the ships fleeing earth’s recent seismic troubles), the Executive Council of the Congress of Nations announces that henceforth, Mlosh weather-control technology will only be used in extreme circumstances. “This should save us a repeat of these circumstances,” First Chancellor Rabah told the world. In the aftermath of the disturbances, terrorist activity against the Mlosh picks up again.

in 4610, the Japanese province began its secession struggle against the Chinese Empire. Emperor Chengzu, grandson of Min-Yuan, was reluctant to war against his own subjects, and employed a different strategy, instead. The Eastern Fleet formed a blockade around the island, and the Empire used economic sanctions against the rebellious Japanese. While slower than conventional war, the strategy was effective – the Japanese begged for return to the Empire by 4618.

in 1934, actress Barbara Jean Moorhead was born in Tucson, Arizona. After several years of bit parts, she became a star when she landed the role of Samantha on the TV series Bewitched, due in part to having a similar name to the actress who played Samantha’s mother, Agnes Moorehead.

in 1968, drummer Ringo Starr left the band the Silver Beatles, which had only been trading on their history as Pete Best’s band for the last 6 years. His solo career was somewhat better, and he was able to make a few movie appearances over the years. He even played for Pete Best, himself, on Best’s Reconciliation tour in 77.

in 1979, American actor John Travolta defected to Great Britain during a publicity tour for his latest film, Grease, a hard-hitting musical about the harsh life of auto-mechanics in capitalist countries. Travolta denounced life in the Soviet States of America as controlled by the two political parties, with little freedom left for the artistically or politically inclined. Travolta was declared a traitor by Comrade President John Anderson of the Socialist Party.

in 1363, Said Aouita of the Caliphate of Morocco won the Trials of Sport in Al-Meshuk. Aouita defeated infidels of the freed European nations, proving the glory of Allah over their blasphemous ways.

in 2003, the Antarctic falls to the monsters from beneath the ice, and the Australian-led multinational force falls back to their respective continents. Livinia Nixon is taken prisoner during this battle, and transported underneath the ice to the monster’s lair.

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