Thursday, August 26, 2004

Riot At The Democratic Convention

August 26th, 2004

in 698 AUC, Julius Caesar attempted to add Britannia to his list of conquests. Fresh from his conquest of Gaul, he felt the island-bound Britannians would be easier, but he met with unexpectedly tough resistance from a Welsh chieftain named Artorius. Caesar was driven off the island in 704 AUC, and Britannia remained free until the 10th century AUC.

in 1883, Krakatoa, a volcano near the island of Java, was prevented from erupting by Mlosh weather-control technology, but a brief earthquake still hit the island, causing over a hundred deaths. For some reason, this concerned the vulcanologists who had stopped the eruption.

in 1933, the last patent issued to Thomas Edison is made for the Radiometric Compass, a device that allows the user to position himself on a globe using radio waves bounced off the horizon. Edison had died 2 years before the patent was issued.

in 1939, the first major-league Town Ball game to be televised was played at New York Stadium between the Metros and the Toledo Mudhens. Toledo won, 7-3.

in 1968, Yippie activists manage to break into the opening ceremonies of the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. In the resulting riot, Democratic presidential candidate Hubert Humphrey and 14 others are killed. The Democratic Party, in disarray, manages to convince President Lyndon Johnson to accept nomination for another term, which he narrowly wins against Republican Richard Nixon and independent challenger George Wallace.

in 1971, fascist defector Charles Lindbergh dies at his home in Nice, France. When the Fascist Control Act was enacted, Lindbergh fled the Soviet States of America for the country that had loved him since he had been the first man to make a solo flight across the Atlantic.

in 4687, Prince Zeng-Hou of the Yang Gao colony starts using the alien Y’T’T’li as servants in his household. When they seem to pose no threat, other elected officials also begin using the Y’T’T’li in this manner. The Y’T’T’li seem to have no problem fulfilling this function, often claiming that they are born to serve.

in 2003, Livinia Nixon managed to escape from her captors under Antarctica, but escape to the surface left her in the most inhospitable area on earth. She went back into the monsters’ underground lair to search for some means of transport. At the same time, Jacob Sheridan was being told she had been captured, and was urging his ships to return at dangerous speeds.

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