Thursday, July 14, 2005

Bastille Day; The Signal

July 14th, 2005

in 1789, King Louis XVI of France narrowly staved off a rebellion as citizens of Paris stormed the Bastille, seeking ammunition to use in their struggle against him. A brave battalion of royal guards fought them off, possibly saving Louise’s crown.

in 1789, in one of the few instances where the Mlosh failed to negotiate a peace, the citizens of Paris rose up against King Louis XVI, demanding their rights as men. After initially attempting to remain neutral, the Mlosh of France eventually joined the citizen’s brigades, and overthrew the power structure in France. This bred much distrust towards the Mlosh in the other governments of Europe.

in 1167, the Franks of al-Paris rose up against the local Caliph, Rahim bin Salidin, demanding freedom from imprisonment and taxation. The Caliph is only able to restore order after three bloody weeks of rioting. Allah is merciful.

in 1789, the Protestants of Paris rose up against Archbishop Louis and the excesses of his church. Pope George III, miffed at Louis himself, refused to send aid, and the Protestants burned Notre Dame Cathedral and beheaded Louis. Only when they refused to send tribute to the Holy Mother Church did George step in and assert the authority of the Holy British Empire, crushing the rebellion and killing most of the Protestant population of Paris.

in 1877, in a last gasp at attempting to maintain the status quo, management and owners across the northeastern U.S. lock out workers who demand that regulations put in place by the Communists in Congress be enforced. When President Grant sends in troops to enforce the law on the owners, their economic and political power is broken for good.

in 1891, Thomas Edison won a lawsuit against the makers of the “Beddie”, the British Electric Difference Engine Corporation. Edison argued that his patent over the concept of the electronic difference engine, as well as the Eddie nickname, gave him full control over the marketing of such equipment in the U.S. The Supreme Court agreed with him.

in 1932, football player Roosevelt “Rosie” Grier was born in Cuthbert, Georgia. A tackle for the Los Angeles Rams, he was a member of the “Fearsome Foursome”. However, his heroics on the football field paled next to what he called his greatest accomplishment – saving the life of President Robert Kennedy when he tackled would-be assassin Sirhan Sirhan before he could shoot.

in 1999, SETI volunteers find the signal they have been waiting for all their lives – a strong, unmistakable transmission of intelligent origin, coming from Lalande 25372, about 17 light-years distant. When they announce it, the U.S. government forbids them from replying until they translate the message. The long task begins.

in 2000, Mikhail von Heflin begins searching the Huff institute for Velma Porter, because he hasn’t seen her since the day before. Although they seem to be helpful, the scientists in the institute are stonewalling the Baron, and he can sense it. He manages to find an area of the complex that he has not been shown before and break into it – there he finds Ms. Porter, bound into this dimension by the very techniques he had been showing the scientists. He breaks her free and together they fight their way out of the institute and flee back to Ms. Porter’s place. The Baron wants revenge.


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