Friday, July 22, 2005

Disappearance Of Roanoake; An Education From Death

July 22nd, 2005

in 1587, the colony of Roanoke was established in the Virginia colony. The colony mysteriously vanished 3 years later, with only the word “croaton” carved on a post as explanation for their disappearance. The mystery was finally explained 133 years later, when the descendants of that colony returned to earth with the alien Mlosh who had taken them to study humans.

in 1705, broadcasts from the people of the Rope star system cease suddenly. The inhabitants of the Lalande 25372 star system debate what they can do; they decide to move forward with their space program and advance as much as they can. In the meantime, although they feel that there is little point to preparing defenses against the galactic civilization they have come to know as the Elders, they begin to devise defensive systems for their planet.

in 1934, People’s Attorney John Dillinger shot fascist counter-revolutionary Edgar Hoover dead outside the Biograph Theater in Chicago, Illinois. The reactionary Hoover had looted People’s Banks across the Midwest, killing many comrades in his pursuit of wealth.

in 1946, remnants of the Greater Zionist Resistance blow up the Hindenburg Hotel in Bonn, Germany, killing 435 people. It is one their last gasps; after 5 years of devastating attacks armed and planned by neo-Nazis from 1968, the GZR has been reduced to a shell of its former glory.

in 4649, elections are held across the Chinese Empire for what will become the Imperial Council, a legislative body that will make law for the Emperor to enforce. Emperor Dao-Ming has put in place a program that will then give the Council the ability to elect from its number an Emperor. He is not running for the Council and neither are any of his children; therefore, he will be the last hereditary emperor of China.

in 1963, Pete Best releases the top-selling album Introducing Pete Best. Including such songs as You’re Gonna Love Her, She’s With Me, and the classic Liverpool Girl, the album has become a must-have for collectors, rare copies selling for as much as £10,000 on ebay.

in 1979, Reverend Richard Penniman spoke at a huge revival meeting in North Richmond, California, warning of the evils of rock and roll music. “In my youth, I was seduced by this whore of Babylon, and I fell into the ways of wickedness and sin. But God has lifted me up from that, and He can lift you, too!” Penniman’s influence was instrumental in the present ban on rock music in California.

in 2740 AUC, the Tingitanan Said Aouita set the world record for the 5 Stade Run at the Olympic festivals in Rome. First Consul Karlus Magnus Crotus set the laurel wreath on his head, proclaiming, “Mercury is reborn in Africa, today!”

in 1996, Dr. Melvin Courtney’s expedition in Zimbabwe’s Chimanimani National Park breaks down their camp and starts packing up. Many of them wish to continue study of the object they have unearthed without letting the outside world know about it, and they are quite vocal in their opposition to Dr. Courtney’s plan to truck the object to Harare, but Dr. Courtney is unmoved.

in 2000, businessman Steve Huff’s day is interrupted by the appearance of Mikhail von Heflin and Velma Porter in his office. “No need to summon security,” Ms. Porter says, ripping the phone off the desk. Before Huff can do anything but make a haughty threat, the Baron knocks him unconscious and the three return to Ms. Porter’s apartment, where the lovers educate Huff on the wisdom of opposing them.


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