Sunday, July 24, 2005

Warning Beacon Fades; A Light From Above

July 24th, 2005

in 1783, Simon Bolivar, Spanish conquistadore, was born in Caracas, Venezuela. The greatest of Spain’s colonial generals, he crushed rebellions throughout Latin America.

in 1813, the warning beacon from the inhabitants of the Wizened Ruler star system cuts off. This star is only 180 light years from the inhabitants of Lalande 25372; the Elders are getting closer. They continue work on their defenses and building up their colonies throughout the system, and listen to the skies for any further warnings.

in 1847, Mormon pioneers, leaving the hostile land of Iowa for the wild western frontier, settle in the Brazos River Valley of the Texas Republic. The young nation had put out a call for settlers from the United States after being rebuffed for its statehood request 3 years before, and the Mormon Church found the land fertile and hospitable.

in 1878, Ireland gave birth to Bishop Edward Dunsany, visionary of the Holy British Empire. His spiritual writings, which some say bordered on the occult or even satanic, inspired many future spiritual leaders of the Empire, including the Comte de St. Germaine.

in 1940, the 3rd version of the Dede Operating System is released. This D.O.S. has programs that make it easy for the standard Dede operator to connect their Dede to another.

in 4650, Emperor Dao-Ming voluntarily gives up his throne for the Imperial Council’s choice, Minister Mao Tse-Tung. In his acceptance speech, Emperor Mao said, “Fellow Councilors, we are all convinced that our work will go down in the history of mankind demonstrating that the Chinese people have now stood up. From now on, our people will belong to the interstellar community of peace-loving and freedom-loving races of the galaxy and work courageously and industriously to foster our civilization and well-being. We have stood up.”

in 1967, Pete Best publicly signs a petition in The Times of London to legalize marijuana. This very public statement about his own enjoyment of the weed loses him millions of straight-laced fans who thought he was just a singer of sentimental love songs; but it gains him millions more who now think of him as a revolutionary in the new youth movement.

in 1969, the Hollywood studio produces the last part of the moon landing hoax, and the capsule with the 3 Apollo astronauts is dropped into the ocean. Many of the crewmen are then killed by the government to cover up the hoax; this action is what prompts so many of the remaining crew to make copies of the hoax film, and to speak out about what they did.

in 1974, in a little-understood case, the Nixon administration seeks and receives a judgment from the Supreme Court that, if the administration has records and audiotapes subpoenaed, it may exert Executive Privilege to keep them secret. No one is quite sure why the administration did this.

in 1996, a bright light from above stabs into the camp of Dr. Melvin Courtney’s expedition in Zimbabwe. It lingers on the truck carrying the object from Chimanimani National Park, then vanishes. The expedition members are unable to find the source of the light, in spite of spending the rest of the night and morning looking for it. “At least they let us keep it,” Professor Thomas says; many members of the expedition wish it had been otherwise.

in 2000, Mikhail von Heflin and Velma Porter finally have a chance to relax, and enjoy the night together in New York City. The Baron even proposes marriage to Ms. Porter, who tells him, “I’ll think about it.”


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Martey said...

Oooo, the Lalande timeline is beginning to get very interesting...

Anonymous said...

Though it is an alternate Supreme Court, it sounds as though the Nixon administration was seeking an advisory opinion.

Our Court has frequently noted that it is unable to issue such opinions. Rather, there has to be an actual case or controversy in order for them to hear a case. For example, there would need to be an actual subpoena for specific records.

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