Sunday, July 10, 2005

Birth Of Jean Cauvin; Assault On Area 51

July 10th, 2005

in 1509, Protestant leader Jean Cauvin is born in the Holy British Empire, in the Protestant stronghold of Jesu. He conveniently grew up under the reign of Pope Henry VIII, who allowed the Protestants to worship as they saw fit; Cauvin exploited this and turned thousands of followers against the Church before being executed by Henry’s successor, Pope Edward VI in 1564.

in 1864, the Congress of Nations empanels a committee to draft what will become the constitution of the C.N., the document now known as the Rights of Sentients. The committee consisted of North American Stephen Douglas, Ml’Astran Mandawuy Yunupingu and British Tlal’Min. The Rights of Sentients is recognized today as the foundation on which world government rests.

in 1923, Greater Zionist Resistance soldiers take Warsaw. Astrid Pflaume uses this city as her headquarters until her assassination. It is here that she first truly gets to know the people she has been plotting against while she was leading them in revolt; and it is here that her heart is turned toward them, and away from her neo-Nazi colleagues.

in 1925, the Scopes Trial began in Tennessee. Teacher John Scopes had been accused of teaching his class the Christian origin myth instead of evolutionary fact in his biology class; Scopes was found guilty, squashing this fundamentalist uprising in its early days.

in 1947, Major Jesse Marcel spirited the remains of the 2 crashed alien vessels, the four dead bodies and the 3 living aliens to the secret test base the Army has established near Groom Lake, Nevada. Marcel never again speaks of what he saw in Groom Lake; but he continued to have nightmares the rest of his life.

in 4648, Dao-Ming orders his ministers to meet with him. He has been pondering the words of the b’Han scientists, and reading about their culture, the Chdo Democracy. He says to his ministers, “For over a thousand years, my ancestors have led our people; sometimes wisely, sometimes not. Today, I would like to discuss whether or not our rule is right.” For the next week, the question of whether hereditary nobility should continue to exist in the Chinese Empire was debated by those who had the most to lose if it didn’t.

in 1965, Pete Best’s album Pete Best IV hits #1 and stays there for 6 weeks. On the same day, (Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, a single from fellow Englishmen Gathering Moss hits #1 on the singles chart.

in 1981, the Vegas 6 attack Area 51 in a valiant effort to destroy the genetically engineered virus that created them. As they battle the hardened alien robots and soldiers who guard the facility, they drop one by one – first Piston, then Electro-Man, Meteora and Warp Drive, leaving only Flamer and Mobius. Fighting to destroy the virus chamber, Mobius falls, but gives Flamer access to the self-destruct for the complex. “For the world,” Flamer tells the soldiers as he activates the self-destruct. The entire Groom Lake facility explodes in a nuclear fireball.

in 1985, whistleblowing Coca-Cola employee Craig D. Barker exposes the company’s real strategy with their New Coke product – they are moving to corn syrup instead of sugar in their recipe. The cover-up gets several high-ranking Coke employees brought up on federal racketeering charges, and the company vows never to use anything but sugar as the sweetener in its product again.

in 2000, the scientists at the hidden dimensional studies institute in New York open the package from Russia in what they think is a safe containment chamber. In New York City, Mikhail von Heflin and Velma Porter feel the release of the creature inside that package, and the Baron and his lover race to imprison it once again.


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Anonymous said...

Racketeering? Mind explaining how?

Robbie Taylor said...

Conspiracy to defraud, kickbacks from the corn syrup industry - all little details that the courts worked out...

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