Saturday, July 30, 2005

Illuminati's Tentacles Encircle America; The 2nd Signal

July 30th, 2005

in 1733, the Society of Freemasons opens its first lodge in the Western Hemisphere in Boston, Massachusetts. This front for the Bavarian Illuminati will soon control all levels of American government, and grow until its tentacles reach even the leadership of the free world, itself!

in 1863, as southern rebels begin to realize their defeat, they take to shooting blacks rather than let them go free. President Whitman authorizes the Union Army to shoot any rebels caught doing so; and furthermore, authorizes them to summarily execute any rebel prisoners in their charge on hearing of the same being done to any blacks. This somewhat unconstitutional decree has the desired effect of halting the rebel slaughter of former slaves.

in 4591, Chao Sing-Lee is appointed Minister of the Stars by Emperor Chengzu. During his tenure, Chao sees the first moon landing and the formation of a lunar colony, but dies before contact is made with the Chdo Democracy.

in 1927, Greater Zionist Resistance fighters encounter their first serious opposition in the form of Danish guerilla fighters. The Werewolves of Copenhagen, as the group is known, inflict casualties on the GZR for a decade before they are all finally eliminated. It is possible that Astrid Pflaume, leader of the GZR, was lenient on them at first because her sympathies had not fully switched over to the Zionists she was leading.

in 1930, Argentina defeated Uruguay in Montevideo, Uruguay, to win the inaugural World Cup of soccer. The disheartened citizens of the host country lost interest in the beautiful game, and soccer became a minor pastime in the South American nation.

in 1948, Pascal-Edison engineers develop a method of operating Eddies and Dedes by using a picture-based interface. The Portrait D.O.S. introduces a new piece of hardware that all Dedes come standard with afterwards; a stick attached to the difference engine by a cable, which allows the operator to select the various pictures on the Portrait screen. The first test operators felt like they were flying a plane, so the stick was called the Throttle.

in 1975, Comrade James Hoffa, leader of the Transportation Soviet, disappears after making a speech critical of the Communist Party.

in 1996, Dr. Melvin Courtney, suffering from a massive hangover, calls an old friend of his who edits a major archeological publication. “I have something rather bizarre to tell you,” he begins, before explaining what happened in Zimbabwe. The friend asks him to send the paper – he will publish it.

in 2000, newlyweds Velma Porter and Mikhail von Heflin release Bozidar, the strange Czech man who has been part of a group following them since they left New York City for Las Vegas. They follow him back to a small warehouse outside the city, where he meets up with 20 other bald men. They converse in an old dialect of Czech that the Baron is barely able to follow; he thinks that they are talking about breaking down the walls of the worlds. They retreat back to their hotel to think about what they’ve seen.

in 2004, with construction underway on the new spacecraft adapted from the Lalandian signal, a second broadcast arrives from the alien planet; they have been contacted by the galactic civilization of the Elders. They promise further details as they progress in their knowledge of these powerful people. President Gore of the U.S. persuades the nations of the U.N. to pull together a huge budget for the construction of the space defenses that the Lalandians have designed.


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