Monday, July 25, 2005

Death Takes A Bride

July 25th, 2005

in 1104, Caliph Muhammed Abdul Rahim of Gaul expels the Celts from his land; “No infidel pagans will be allowed to stay within lands ruled by the faithful,” the edict proclaimed. Rebellion followed as people refused to give up the religion they had followed for thousands of years.

in 1771, Mlosh colonist Kmari goes berserk among the Sioux people of the Dakotas. She massacres over 400 people in a village before other Mlosh can apprehend and dispatch her. It is the first known case of a Mlosh mass-murderer, and was kept quiet by the aliens until the 1820’s.

in 1940, the inhabitants of Lalande 25372 begin receiving transmissions from a star 17 light years away from them, the one they call Beautiful Parent. After two generations of silence, the sudden appearance of radio waves so close to them brings a panic in Lalandian society; they are afraid that the Elders’ galactic civilization is now close enough to engulf them, as well. Translators begin work on the transmissions at a fevered pace.

in 1963, Governor Wilhelm Schoemann of China unleashes 10 nuclear missiles against rebellious forces working against his SS troops. He is very aware of how much damage they do; in his youth, he had been on the team that had engineered them for the New Reich. He had even met the team that had given the blueprints to Reichsfuehrer Hitler, the men who spoke as if all the events they were witnessing were in some sort of different time. One of them looked disturbingly familiar; but he thought little of it these days.

in 1964, Pete Best’s album, Lovin’ Through The Night, goes #1 and stays at the top of the charts for 14 weeks. It is then used as the soundtrack for a film of the same title, which also leads the box office for several weeks.

in 1981, Voyager 2 passes Saturn and all contact with the probe is lost. The last signal sent seemed to be images of a long tunnel with a speck of light at the end; then something long and tendril-shaped seemed to reach out and smash the camera.

in 1996, several trucks barrel into the Courtney expedition’s encampment, and a dozen armed men surround the truck with the Chimanimani object in it. Although they have no insignia, they are mostly Caucasian, and speak English with American accents. Dr. Courtney demands to know what they are doing, and is shot in the leg by one of the men guarding the truck. The Courtney expedition watches helplessly as the find of a lifetime is towed away from them.

in 2000, Velma Porter says “Yes”. She and the newly affianced Baron Mikhail von Heflin hop a red-eye for Las Vegas. On board the flight, the Baron notices several men watching him, but is too happy to make much of it.

in 2002, several tens of thousands of British citizens disappear from the face of the earth. Pope Righteous I blames it on Satanists who have abducted good Christians to perform black masses upon. Righteous asks the whole world to pray for their souls.


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