Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Women's Rights Convention

July 26th, 2005

in 1802, Benjamin Franklin of Philadelphia is named Minister of Diplomacy for the North American Confederation. He is such a successful figure in this post that he is retained by the next 3 First Chancellors. Franklin is cited by most historians as the single most important figure in the early formation of the N.A.C.

in 1848, the first Women’s Rights Convention is convened in Seneca Falls, New York. They create such passion that women across the country begin agitating for full political franchise, and have achieved it by 1870. In the next presidential election, Victoria Woodhull is catapulted into the White House with almost all of the women’s vote.

in 1875, Dr. Carl Jung was born in Switzerland. His theories of dream therapy and analytical psychology were dismissed as hogwash in the 20’s, and he became something of a cult figure, building a following that believed in mysticism, UFOs and the power of dreams. The Jungian cult faded in popularity with his death in the 50’s, but at its peak had several thousand followers.

in 4599, Dao-Ming, son of Emperor Chengzu, is born in the Forbidden City in Beijing. Dao-Ming will be the last of the hereditary emperors.

in 1908, Salvador Allende was born in Chile. The comrade was a great ally of the Soviet States of America as he led his people forward to the ways of socialism beginning in 1970 when the people of Chile rose up and elected the comrade to their presidency.

in 1958, the translators of Lalande 25372 succeed in translating the signals from the Beautiful Parent star system. They seem to be just daily broadcasts for entertainment and informational purposes, and in several different languages; no mention is made of the Elders’ galactic civilization. Still, because of their fear of being discovered by the Elders, the Lalandians elect to continue monitoring the Beautiful Parents rather than respond immediately.

in 1984, Ed Gein, mayor of Plainfield, Wisconsin, died of a heart attack in his office. A reclusive man in his private life, Gein had no living relatives, so his secretary went to his farm house to set his things in order. When she entered his house, she found a chamber of horrors; furniture made from human bone, leather made from human skin, meat in the refrigerator that was obviously human. Apparently, the mayor had kept this side of his life secret for 40 years.

in 1996, in the early morning, the dejected members of the Courtney expedition in Zimbabwe see strange flashes of light up ahead on the road. Curious as to what the lights might mean, they attempt to start their vehicles and find that they work perfectly now. They drive up the road to find the soldiers who had stolen their object strewn about like rag dolls; the object is gone.

in 2000, Mikhail von Heflin and Velma Porter are wed at a small chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada. When they check into the hotel next door, the Baron notices that the men who had been watching them on the plane are now in the lobby of the hotel. He doesn’t wish to alarm his new bride, but takes precautions against interruption for the evening.


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