Monday, July 04, 2005

Rebirth Of The Republic; Philadelphia Captured

July 4th, 2005

in 10-1-12-7, the Sioux and Iroquois declared their independence from the Oueztecan Empire. This began 8 hard years of fighting on the Western Continent, with supplies for Ouezteca coming from the Pharaoh and supplies for the northern rebels coming surreptitiously from the Inca. The Sioux-Iroquois Alliance eventually won the war, beginning a long decline in the Oueztecan Empire.

in 2291 AUC, Chief Consul Marcus Antonius Levidicus declares the death of the Empire of Rome and the rebirth of the Republic. “Men are born and remain free and equal in rights. Social distinctions may only be founded upon the general good,” he declared in the new Constitution of the Roman Republic. From that point on, no Roman citizen was considered of noble birth; all social hierarchy in the Roman Republic was earned.

in 1776, a surprise attack by the British captured the rebel Continental Congress in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Before being hung for treason, the rebels signed a declaration of independence as a final act of defiance against King George. The document was smuggled out by a sympathetic redcoat, and the declaration became the rallying cry of the revolution.

in 1795, the Karanga, with a great deal of assistance from Ml’Astra, defeated the Belgian colonial government that had attempted to bring them under a European flag. This victory sets off a wave of African nationalism, spelling the end of Europe’s former pre-eminence in world affairs.

in 1863, the Southern Rebellion was brought to a close on, fittingly enough, Independence Day. President Whitman called it, “the divine providence of the Almighty that gives us peace on this day of national sacrament.” Communist Party workers were dispatched throughout the south to bring the people around to the new way of thinking.

in 4562, a respectful time after the war in the Chinese Empire ended, the chieftains of northwestern Europe established the Kingdom of Carolinia, reviving their ancient religion. Other nations followed that year; Thuringia, Hellas, Eire and Midgard. Over time, they formed a military alliance, should the Empire ever decide it wanted them again. This Alliance of Vassal Nations, or A.V.N., proved to be a strong ally of China over the coming years. Many later emperors thanked Min-Yuan for his foresight in allowing the westerners to be free.

in the Dreaming, the Pindanjaru become one with the Nyungar people, forming a great tribe that sweeps across the Land. The words of Wandjina guide them, and his thunder guards them.

in 1981, in spite of strong suspicions, the Vegas 6 follow Mobius to his lair in the Nevada desert. “It’s appropriate that we do this on the nation’s birthday,” he tells them as he reveals the reason he has asked them there, “because it is our government that has done this to us – and doomed us all.”


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Writer said...

I'd like to see more on US GlobalCorp.

Writer said...

Like, What would to Cold War have been like?
Does this GlobalCorp own half the planet?
Is there a group of American Patriots who try to destroy the corrupte GlobalCorp empire?
Do they win?
Is the technology more advanced?
Did they privatise Mt. Rushmore?
As you can see, I'm very curious.

Writer said...

Also, What happened to that thing about the Jovian Mlosh and the Q'Bar. I would also like to hear something about a human Mlosh relationship. You hinted at it once, but you didn't do much with it.

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