Saturday, July 16, 2005

Treaty At Kuchuk-Kainardji; Kennedy Plane Crashes

July 16th, 2005

in 1630, the inhabitants of Lalande 25372 finish their translation of the Hunter language and learn that they have a small interstellar culture covering 3 star systems. They have also made contact with another alien race they refer to as the Elders, who apparently have some sort of galaxy-wide society. The Lalandian translators also provide valuable data to scientists about developing space craft.

in 1773, in their most major peace-making move since landing, the Mlosh negotiate a treaty between Russia and the Ottoman Empire at Kuchuk-Kainardji, ending their 5-year long war.

in 4648, Emperor Dao-Ming brings his ministerial conference to a close and asks his ministers to arrange a public video conference to the Empire. They have all agreed to bring thousands of years of tradition to an end.

in 1945, the United States explodes a nuclear bomb in Alamagordo, New Mexico. Unfortunately, the worst fears of the physicists are realized when the explosion ignites the atmosphere, killing all life on earth.

in 1950, the largest crowd ever to attend a sporting event, (almost 200,000 spectators), watches Uruguay go down in a blaze of glory as Brazil defeats them in the World Cup at Rio De Janeiro.

in 1968, neo-Nazis kidnap former Nazi scientist Wilhelm Schoemann from his home in New Mexico and convince him to aid them in building a time-travel device. Their plan is to send one of their number, Astrid Pflaume, back in time to the end of World War I. She will then create the “Jewish conspiracy” that Hitler and other anti-Semites had imagined; they think that if the threat is real, that more nations will support them.

in 1969, the fake Apollo 11 rocket took off from Florida to “land on the moon”. It was secretly ditched into the ocean minutes after takeoff, and the team in the secret Hollywood studio took over transmission.

in 1981, folk singer Harry Chapin loses the use of his legs after crashing his car on the way to a benefit concert. Always ready to use difficult material in his work, he makes his next album about paraplegia and the difficulties of life in a wheelchair. It sells millions of copies, wins multiple awards, and Chapin is instrumental in getting Congress to pass an Americans With Disabilities Act, which aids disabled Americans of all kinds to lead a more normal life.

in 1996, Dr. Courtney’s expedition in Zimbabwe uncovers the top of the metallic object that had been embedded in the clump of trees. It is a wide circle, about 100 feet across; they haven’t uncovered the bottom of the object yet, but they are beginning to entertain some very wild speculation about its origins.

in 1999, in spite of handing the controls over to his flight instructor, John F. Kennedy, Jr.’s plane crashes off the shore of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. Although severely injured, all 4 passengers survive, but Kennedy’s legendary good looks are marred by terrible scars.

in 2000, businessman Steve Huff goes to his secret institute for studying extra-dimensional creatures and informs the scientists that the creature being held there is going to be moved. He has arranged for it to be transported to Nevada, far away from the pair that has threatened the institute with destruction. Speaking of which, Mikhail von Heflin and Velma Porter stow away on the truck carrying the creature; their bluff worked.


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B. said...

Regarding "in 1630, the inhabitants of Lalande 25372...", is the year consistent with the original 1999 SETI-related entry introducing the Lalandians from the perspective of planet Earth, or has it switched over to a Lalandian calendar system since the focus is over there now? Is Lalande 25372 a star or a planet, and if the former, how are they inhabiting a star? This timeline intrigues me :)

Robbie Taylor said...

This is 1630 on the Gregorian calendar.

Lalande 25372 is an actual star approximately 17.7 light years from earth; the aliens referenced in the timeline live on a planet within the Lalande system.

There will be more information given about them as the timeline progresses.

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