Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Judean Rebellion Suppressed

September 1st, 2004

in 822 AUC, the rebellious residents of the Judean province were put down, but Vespasian chose mercy over retribution, and allowed the Hebrews full citizenship in the Empire after a 5 year period of suppression.

in 4619, an earthquake struck the Japanese province of the Empire, in Kanto. The death toll was in the thousands, and Emperor Chengzu’s treasury was emptied of billions of yuan in repairing the damage. Chengzu ordered his Ministry of Science to begin work on predicting earthquakes, a task they began with enthusiasm; many in the ministry were themselves Japanese.

in 1933, Ann Richards was born in Lakeview, Texas. After her governership of the Soviet of Texas, Comrade Richards became the first woman elected to the Vice-Presidency alongside Comrade President John Anderson of the Socialist Party in 1972.

in 1939, Physical Review, a scientific publication, prints a paper on a phenomenon they call “black holes”, a possible source of en[REST OF ENTRY DELETED]

in 1941, people of Semitic ancestry in German Underground controlled areas of Europe were forced into labor camps, even if they had not been members of the Greater Zionist Resistance. This policy is continued as the Underground gains territory, making allies of everyone who is not quite Aryan in appearance.

in 1347, chieftain Moammar Qaddafi rose to the Caliphate of Libya by defeating Caliph Ibn Rashid in battle. Qaddafi set the tone for his rule by beheading all survivors of Rashid’s government.

in 1995, Dr. Melvin Courtney’s expedition enters the Chimanimani National Park in Zimbabwe. The expedition is looking for evidence of ancient human settlements in the area. In the middle of the day, a rare earthquake shakes the area and uproots several ancient trees.

in 2003, Jacob Sheridan and his team meet with Prime Minister Howard for 4 hours, after which Howard meets for the rest of the day with the U.N. Sheridan goes into his government labs and begins work on a new project.

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