Monday, September 20, 2004

Attila The Hun Wins At The Marne; The Papal States Subjugated

September 20th, 2004

in 1204 AUC, the forces of Attila the Hun overran Roman General Aetius at the river Marne in Gaul. The Hun proved to be a vexing enemy for the empire throughout his life, but his Huns were unable to hold onto his possessions after his death 2 years later.

in 1, Muhammed began his hijra from the pagan believers of Mecca. His journey of faith began the religion that now all the earth now embraces as the one true faith; Allah be praised.

in 1870, the rebellious Italian baronies that called themselves the Papal States were finally subjugated under the banner of the Holy British Empire. Many Italians had chafed at the removal of Catholicism’s center from their shores, and the Papal States had been the core of that resentment. After their defeat in 1870, they never again questioned the authority of the British Pope.

in 1900, after a year, almost to the day, of searching, First Minister Samantha Williams-Hurst of the Congress of Nations is able to announce the capture of her predecessor’s murders. 2 North American men and a British citizen are charged with the murders, and eventually convicted and sentenced to life in prison. The world sees the new century as a turning point, and membership in terrorist organizations begins to decline, as well as terrorist acts against innocents.

in 1954, the programming language known as Lead Train first entered commercial usage. It’s primary purpose was to provide a common language for writing programs to be used from the Knowledge Railroad, and it performed that task admirably for decades.

in 1955, the show You’ll Never Be Rich began its long run on CBS. Starring The King of Chutzpah, Philip Silversmith, the show ran until 1960 and still makes millions laugh in reruns today.

in 1972, Paul McCartney, former bandmate of superstar Pete Best, was arrested for growing marijuana on his small farm in rural Wales. He is able to get off with a light sentence, but the experience focuses McCartney, and he begins working on music of a more classical vein.

in 4697, after 2 days of scanning, Captain Wu and the rest of the Star Fleet are unable to find any trace of the Y’T’T’li. The entire system remains on high alert, but Wu and his ships return to earth to inform the Fleet’s commanders.

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