Thursday, September 30, 2004

Mozart's Magic Ship Produced; Meet The Flagstones

September 30th, 2004

in 856, the newly-invented printing presses of Baghdad produce the first machine-made copies of the Koran. The faithful need no longer puzzle out mistakes of handwriting; all versions of the holiest book of Islam are invariant from this point on.

in 1791, the Mozart opera Das Zauberschiff, (The Magic Ship), is produced in Vienna to great acclaim. Starring the great Mlosh tenor Zzetz’j’li, the opera tells the story of a young Mlosh boy’s journey to an alien world where he finds his one true love.

in 1924, Truman Persons was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. A flamboyant homosexual activist, he spearheaded homosexual rights movements in the 50’s and 60’s, famously declaring, “I refuse to be labeled a criminal because of who I love.” Persons was lynched by Ku Klux Klansmen in 1968 after he had begun speaking out for the rights of African-Americans throughout the south.

in 1934, Semitic-African Resistance leader Elie Wiesel is born in Romania, a territory still under the control of the Greater Zionist Resistance. When, during his youth, the GZR was forced into retreat, he and his parents escaped to the United States. Unfortunately, he saw the hatred of the New Reich follow him to that country, and he joined the Semitic-African Resistance in order to halt the spread of fascism because, “To remain passive and indifferent would have been the greatest sin of all.” He became one of the movement’s most forceful organizers and leaders, and was able to convince many heads of state to allow non-Aryans safety within their countries.

in 1935, George Gershwin’s great light opera about the plight of working African-Americans under capitalism premiered in New York City. Porgy and Bess took the American musical scene by storm, and is a staple of light opera companies around the world.

in the Dreaming, Bamapana descended from the Backbone of the Night to tell the People of his new game, and teach it to them. The game revolved around the tossing of a stick from one player to another, who must catch and carry it without using his hands, and then drop it into a basket to score a point. When Bamapana played it, of course, there was much foul language, and players still use it to this day to honor him.

in 1960, the first animated series to appear in prime-time, The Flagstones, appeared on this evening on ABC. The show about cavemen leading surprisingly modern lives among dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures was a ratings hit for the network, even if the critics detested it. It lasted 9 seasons and gave birth to a generation of American animation.

in 4697, a Chinese colonist on Feng-huang sees something crash outside his dome and goes to investigate. The Y’T’T’li debris seizes him and takes control of his body. This poor man’s body is used to establish communication with other Y’T’T’li units and form a front against the Chinese on Feng-huang.

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