Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Napoleon Takes Moscow; Mork & Mindy Premieres

September 14th, 2004

in 1741, George Fredric Handel completed his oratorio The Visitors, celebrating the arrival of the Mlosh on earth. It sparks a wealth of popular fiction about earth’s newest inhabitants, and also makes many people begin to ask the question the Mlosh had never answered – where did they come from, and why did they leave?

in 1812, Italian Emperor Napoleon captures Moscow and Tsar Alexander. Alexander agrees to be Napoleon’s vassal in return for his life; Napoleon winters in Moscow, then leaves in the spring. A sizeable occupation force kept the Tsar from breaking his agreement.

in 1847, Mexican forces crushed the advance of American General Winfield Scott outside of Mexico City. Lifted by this victory, Mexico pushed the U.S. Army completely out of its northern territories, and recaptured Texas in 1849. The two nations signed a peace treaty in 1851 as Mexican forces were threatening to add Louisiana to their conquests. After the southern states seceded from the union ten years later, Mexico annexed them by force, producing the borders the great nation holds today.

in 1960, Pascal-Edison introduces the Self-Portrait operating system, designed to learn and mirror a user’s personality. It proved to be less than successful because the designers didn’t take into account the fact that many computer users were not exactly pleasant people.

in 1956, the first prefrontal lobotomy was performed at a secret government hospital in Washington, D.C. The patient was reporter Walter Cronkite, who had been investigating many of the comrades in the Communist Party, including Joel Rosenberg, the party’s candidate for the presidency.

in 1978, ABC premiered the television series Mork & Mindy, a spinoff from the successful series Happy Days, starring comedian Marty Fromage. Although Fromage was hailed as a genius, the series tanked when he couldn’t be controlled and kept improvising away from the script. It ended mid-season, as did the rest of Fromage’s career.

in 1402, Prime Minister Bashir Gemayal, the right hand of Lebanon’s Caliph Rafiq Hariri, was assassinated by Druse separatists in Beirut. His successor, Walid Jumblat, a Druse himself, brought the assassins to justice and helped to reunite the fractured country.

in 2003, Jacob Sheridan finishes his ship modifications and descends underneath the earth’s mantle. Here, he is able to determine that the rogue Martian ship had created a nanotech structure that was eating away at the earth’s crust. Thinking quickly, Sheridan adapted his nanite missiles to reverse the function of the structure – and it began rebuilding the crust. Sheridan’s ship returned to the surface just as the heat had begun damaging the hull. He requested that the U.N. deploy all Martian-style ships to search for evidence of other Martian activity still happening on the planet.


M. Smith said...

I am curious, given the long, non-American related history of the pre-frontal lobotomy well before the 1950's as to the reason for putting the first in the US at this time in this era. I realise it's historically cute and telling, as are many of the entries, but is that the sole reason?

Robbie Taylor said...

My source for this has this date listed as the first time the procedure was performed; perhaps it was meant as the first surgical pre-frontal lobotomy?

Or, perhaps one of my sources is wrong. Wouldn't be the first time.

Still, since it's an alternate history, I can make it the first in this timeline.


Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

I just assumed you meant it was the first "at a secret government hospital", rahter than first ever.

M. Smith said...

Just for future reference (for the curious), a succinct history of the procedure can be found on this page:
http://www.angelfire.com/fl2/flamingDruid2/History.htmlMmmm... brains!

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