Monday, September 27, 2004

Estelle Gerard Provides Message Of Hope

September 27th, 2004

in 3986, an earthquake in the Gulf of Chili is the source of a new set of regulations from the Emperor about housing construction. 100,000 died during that earthquake because so many houses were not built well. After the lesson of this earthquake, fewer buildings collapsed in subsequent ones, saving countless lives.

in 1821, Mexico asks for admittance into the North American Confederation. After making a few concessions such as allowing democratic government, they are brought in, doubling the size of the Confederation.

in 1869, the sheriff of Hays City, Kansas, sparked a riot by shooting the instigator of a bar brawl in the head. Friends of the brawler attacked the sheriff, James Hickok, and his deputy, who barely escaped with their lives. Most of Hays City was burned to the ground before Hickok, with the aid of several hastily-deputized assistants, could restore order. “Wild Bill” Hickok was never allowed to occupy another public office after that disaster.

in 1960, Comrade Sylvia Pankhurst died in Walla Walla, Washington. Comrade Pankhurst was a strong advocate of socialism and women’s suffrage in her native England, but the reactionaries in that country forced her into exile in the Soviet States of America, where she was welcomed as a comrade-in-arms of the revolution.

in 1962, Robert Zimmerman’s career took a nose-dive when, after a performance at Carnegie Hall, the Rolling Stone declared him, “a folk stylist indistinguishable from the rest.” Zimmerman’s next album failed to sell more than 1000 copies, and he was dropped from his label. In spite of his early promise, he ended up, like so many other folk singers, returning to life outside of music.

in 1988, tests on the infamous Shroud of Turin show that blood is indeed part of the image that is faintly painted on the cloth. That blood does not test as human; indeed, it matches no known animal type on earth. This mixed message is met with confusion by the religious community, and the Catholic Church allows a larger sampling of the cloth to be used by the scientists. After months of testing, the blood is announced to be extraterrestrial in origin. The results are immediately denounced by all Christian organizations.

in 2001, Friedrich Leibacher entered the state parliament building in Zug, Switzerland, and killed 14 people, wounding a dozen others, with a high-powered automatic rifle and small explosives. This incident led to the nation, once the most gun-friendly nation in Europe, to adopt harder gun laws, such as the banning of private ownership for assault rifles.

in 2003, Estelle Gerard resurfaces in Stratford, England, and speaks to hundreds in the village square of the coming day of hope; “I know how hard you’ve worked, and how patient you’ve been, and how you can’t stand the bad men. Remember where you come from, and apologize for your own wrongs, and I and my Father will be with you soon.”

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