Friday, September 17, 2004

Hiram Williams Is Born; The Doors Are Tamed

September 17th, 2004

in 1656, the state of Massachusetts enacts several laws to contain the violent Quaker cult due to the murders committed by recent Quaker immigrants Ann Austin and Mary Fisher. The Catholic government of the state declared anyone belonging to the sect a heretic, subject to execution.

in 12-12-13-11-10, the Cheyenne and Sioux made a desperate stand against advancing Oueztecan forces at the Arikaree River, and, through superior tactics and knowledge of the land, were able to drive the southern warriors back. The empire licked its wounds and returned with overwhelming force 3 months later to finally conquer the two northern nations.

in 1899, Samantha Williams-Hurst of the United Kingdom was elevated to the office of First Minister of the Congress of Nations, following the assassination of former First Minister Tiri’Kema. Her first act is to eulogize her predecessor; her second is to mobilize all the police forces available to the C.N. to find the killers.

in 1923, gospel singer Hiram Williams was born in Mount Olive West, Alabama. While his youth was somewhat misspent, he turned to the Lord in 1943 when he was nearly killed in Italy during World War II. He wrote and sang such beautiful songs as I Saw The Light and Are You Building A Temple In Heaven.

in 1931, the Mini-Maggie storage device for music is introduced by Edison Records. It stores about 20 minutes of music, enough to give people their favorite songs from a musical, or a few speeches from comics or politicians. Priced much more reasonably than the regular Maggie, the Mini-Maggie becomes a popular method for moving entertainment.

in 1939, Comrade David Souter was born in the town of Weir, New Hampshire. Comrade Souter was named to the People’s Supreme Court in 1988 by Comrade President Ann Richards, and became the Chief Justice in 1994 when Comrade Justice Sam Webb retired.

in 1967, the Doors appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show and performed their hits Light My Fire and People Are Strange. Due to network concerns over the lyrics, Jim Morrison sang a tamer version of both songs. Many of the band’s hardcore fans deserted them after this, and the band sank into obscurity.

in 4697, Captain Wu arrives back in the home solar system, and has to slow down. When he orders his ships to slow, the Y’T’T’li overtake and pass them, and continue into the inner solar system. Wu frantically sends word to earth’s defenses, telling them that these metal men must not be allowed to land on humanity’s home world.

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