Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Marx Dies In Los Angeles

September 28th, 2004

in 11-16-2-16-11, explorer Itzapoca sails into the harbor of Gibraltar, the first landing of a Oueztecan on European shores. While Itzapoca claims to the natives that he is a god, they are able to drive him off with ease. This makes Europe safe from the Oueztecans for many decades.

in 1780, Mlosh actor Tan’Ji’Ket delivers the first performance to be broadcast across the Mlosh-built Entertainment Wave in Europe. The E.W. quickly becomes the most popular way to spend one’s leisure time in the world, with various broadcasters developing local talent to showcase, or rebroadcasting international shows.

in 1909, Alfred Caplin was born in New Haven, Connecticut. Caplin was the artist who created the syndicated comic strip Colonel Gilfeather at 19, making him the youngest professional cartoonist in the country. In spite of Caplin’s boredom with the strip, it became financially impossible for him to move on to other projects, and he spent the rest of his life drawing a cartoon he didn’t enjoy himself.

in 4608, the Japanese sailing vessel Kiche Maru, with over 1000 people on board, is saved by the Chinese Imperial Fleet after they begin to take on water. While several Fleet ships took the passengers off, Captain Hong of his majesty’s ship Chen Wei manages to tow the vessel to a safe landing. For his act of heroism, Hong is decorated by the Emperor himself.

in 1915, time-traveling neo-Nazi Astrid Pflaume positions several operatives throughout Europe, in strategic positions to prolong the World War. She takes great pains to train them well, so that they will be able to recruit other Jewish people into her Greater Zionist Resistance.

in 1938, rhythm & blues singer Ben Nelson was born in Henderson, North Carolina. After he moved to Harlem, Nelson became a member of a street corner doo-wop group called The Four B’s. The young men became a great success, but their greatest hit was Nelson’s solo Stand By Me on their album There Goes My Baby.

in 1964, concert harpist Adolph Marx, a genius that some considered the finest classical musician in the Soviet States of America, died in Los Angeles, California. Marx single-handedly made harp music popular in the Soviet States during the 30’s and 40’s, and continued to fill concert halls up to his death.

in 1978, Cardinal Albino Luciani of Belluno uncovered a plot by the Comte de Saint-Germaine to acquire ancient relics of the Church in order to further some strange occult ends of his own. Before he could communicate this information to anyone, he died of a heart attack in his mansion.

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