Friday, September 10, 2004

Stephen Jay Gould Born In New York

September 10th, 2004

in 1882, Astrid Pflaume and Kurt Weimer, Neo-Nazi time travelers from the future, infiltrate the Congress for Safeguarding of Non-Jewish Interests, an anti-Semitic international conference being held in Dresden, Germany. They manage to steer the gathering of crackpots and bigots into establishing a paramilitary organization that Weimer utilizes in the 1920’s to combat the Greater Zionist Resistance that Pflaume builds.

in 1893, Sir Patrick Spindle, long believed to be allied with the Avalon party, (the political arm of the Human League), calls for a vote of no confidence in Parliament. “If this is all the response Her Majesty’s government can muster against terrorism,” he proclaimed, “it’s a wonder they haven’t driven the Mlosh into the sea.” Although Mlosh supporters of Prime Minister Rogers’ government are loath to join with someone they rightly perceive as an enemy, the Premier hasn’t been their best ally, either. With an overwhelming vote, Rogers’ government comes crashing down, and elections are called for.

in 1941, evangelist Stephen Jay Gould is born in Queens, New York. Reverend Gould’s lifelong work for the Lord began at the age of 5 when his parents took him to a museum exhibit of religious art. On viewing a painting depicting Jesus being lowered from the cross, Gould dedicated his life to the church.

in 1950, Eddie Iskowitz made the move from radio to television when he started hosting the Colgate Comedy Hour on NBC. The popular variety show featured many comics and musicians from Iskowitz’s vaudeville days, and gave another generation many belly-laughs.

in 1966, Pete Best’s album Rebirth hits #1 on the American charts and stays there for 6 weeks, until Best’s own album, Collectables, knocks it down to #2.

in 1977, the Ottawa Rough Riders defeat the New York Metros 19-3, securing the American Town Ball League pennant for Canada, the first time the pennant leaves the U.S.

in 4697, the trailing ship of the Yang Gao expedition is overtaken by the lead vessel of the fleet following them from the doomed colony; for several, tortured hours, fleet commander Wu listens to the crew bravely fight against the metal Y’T’T’li. In the end, the captain of the vessel engages its self-destruct mechanism, and the resulting explosion slows down the Y’T’T’li vessels long enough for the remaining 2 Chinese ships to gain enough of a lead to where they will make it safely back to earth.

in 2003, Jacob Sheridan sees the Martian ship that he had failed to stop. It is burrowing into the earth with some sort of ray, and the ice cap around it for hundreds of feet is gone. Sheridan sends word back to Australia that he needs a better ship.


Anonymous said...

"Sheridan sends word back to Australia that he needs a better ship."

Did he do it by saying, "We're going to need a bigger boat?"

Anyways, it's been great to have this to read every day, many kudos.

Robbie Taylor said...

I had to Google that line before I remembered where it was from - nice one. That's about the sense of menace he's facing...

Thanks for reading!

shaniber said...

hey, how come the Ottawa Rough Riders get to be a Town Ball team? Why not the Saskatchewan Roughriders?

I've been enjoying the alternate history. Thanks!

Robbie Taylor said...

I just liked the way the name sounded for Ottawa :)

Thanks for reading!

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