Monday, September 06, 2004

Teutehauna Circumnavigates The Globe; Estelle Gerard Speaks In Jerusalem

September 6th, 2004

in 11-15-2-10-4, Incan explorer Teutehauna finishes his circumnavigation of the earth. Out of 7 ships and 143 crewmen who began the voyage almost 2 years before, only 1 ship and 15 sailors remain. Teutehuana is declared a god for a year, and his crewmen are given their freedom and titles.

in 1847, David Thoreau left his meditative sanctuary at Walden Pond, New Hampshire after hearing of the German immigrant, Karl Marx. After a meeting which found the two quite compatible, they collaborated on a series of political pamphlets, including their Communist Manifesto of 1851.

in 1899, Carnation, known now for its pet foods, started selling cans of evaporated milk. When people questioned the value of a liquid that needed water, the company nearly went into bankruptcy, and thousands of cans were left stacked in Carnation’s warehouse.

in 1915, actress Carla Lambert married Spanish director Jose Contreras. It was mainly a marriage of convenience; Contreras was homosexual and needed the respectability that marriage could give him, and Lambert, who didn’t want to be married, needed someone to appear to be the father for her son. The pressures of this public lie finally came to a head in 1923, and they divorced. Lambert never remarried.

in 1941, Greater Zionists who surrendered to soldiers of the German Underground in Vilna, Poland were shipped back to German territory and never seen again. This fueled the Zionist contention that the G.U. was killing prisoners; this would not be confirmed for some years, however.

in 1968, guitar god Eric Clapton lent his talented strings to the song Casting My Spell on Pete Best’s album Mr. Maestro. Clapton’s recreation of the song on tour with Best created some of the most electric moments in modern music, and made the Maestro tour the most highly-touted Best tour of all.

in 4697, the 5 Shen-class ships commanded by Admiral Hu Jintao enter the Yang Gao system and attempt to establish contact with the colony. The ships detect many transmissions coming from the main planet, but none of them seem to be in Chinese. Admiral Hu orders the ships into orbit, but councils caution to all his captains.

in 2003, Estelle Gerard speaks to a throng of people in Jerusalem, telling them that he who sits on the holy throne of the Holy British Empire is not who the Father of all men desires to lead Christendom. As Templars arrive to arrest the toddler and her mother, a bright light blinds the crowd; when the light fades, the Gerards are gone.


brendan said...
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Robbie Taylor said...
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Robbie Taylor said...

Pete was always a class act - like boosting McCartney's show Liverpool Oratorio with a surprise appearance. Best was, truly, the Best.

Robbie Taylor said...

I accidentally deleted this post by Brendan -

Casting My Spell - what a classic tune, a high point for both Clapton and Best. That's the thing about Pete Best, he always gave value for money and cared about his fans, unlike that bunch of layabouts he used to play with, who'd pretty much given up playing live by '68 (probably because they couldn't get any gigs).

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