Saturday, September 25, 2004

Battle At Stamford Bridge

September 25th, 2004

in 1066, at Stamford Bridge, Norwegians slaughter the forces of Saxon King Harold and move southwest to assume control of most of the Saxon lands of England. They, in turn, are swept back across England by Norman forces invading from the continent a few days later.

in 1913, Dynamic Pictures scores another coup by signing comic film star Charlie Chaplin to an exclusive deal. Chaplin, possibly the finest comic talent in silent film, stars in and produces over 80 films for Edison’s company.

in 1919, President Woodrow Wilson collapsed and died of a stroke while on a speaking tour to tout the League of Nations. His vice-president, Thomas Marshall, is sworn in as the 29th President of the United States of America.

in 1942, the Greater Zionist Resistance manages to turn the tide temporarily against the German Underground. Hitler’s men are defeated soundly in Norway and the GZR keeps them out of the country for 6 months; long enough for many Jewish families to escape the clutches of the GU.

in 1952, quintessential action hero Christopher Reeve was born in New York City. Although classically trained at the prestigious Julliard School of Performing Arts, he made his name mainly in popular hero movies, such as 1978’s Superman and its sequels, 1987’s The Running Man and Rambo, and 1990’s Total Recall.

in 1967, international superstar Pete Best recorded his wonderfully evocative song, Jester, about the pangs of love and life. The song went platinum in its first week of release.

in 1981, the first woman justice took her seat on the People’s Supreme Court of the Soviet States of America. Comrade Justice Shirley Chisholm had long been a champion of the people in her native New York, and continues the fight on the people’s highest court.

in 4697, the Star Fleet was forced to retreat from the asteroid belt. Although they had inflicted immense casualties on the Y’T’T’li, over half of their own vessels were destroyed in the conflict. Colonists on the outer planets and moons began to assemble what defenses they could, and the entire system prayed to the gods for assistance.


Anonymous said...

I don’t know if you’ve read the original Steven King novella that The Running Man is based on, but now that you mention it, Mr. Reeves would have made a wonderful Ben Richards. And if you _haven’t_ read the novella, I recommend it fairly highly...

Andrew Cory

Robbie Taylor said...

He was up for the role, in our timeline. He turned it down because he didn't want to be an action hero. Such is life.

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