Sunday, October 24, 2004

The 5th Trumpet

October 24th, 2004

in the Dreaming, the great spider’s web linking the heavens to the earth was traveled by many wise men, and they learned the secrets of spinning their own; before long, their webs strung the sky and provided a pathway for the best and bravest of the people to venture into the heavens.

in 1851, William Lassell’s colony on Triton sends explorers to the Uranian moons of Ariel and Umbriel to begin branch colonies there. During the 1860’s, when so much trouble was going on for the Mlosh on earth, the outer planets proved no haven for them, since Lassell’s people had no love for the aliens.

in 1929, millions of shares of stock were sold off on Wall Street, sending the nation into a panic about the financial state of the country. President Hoover himself went down to the New York Stock Exchange the next day and pleaded for calm from investors. This action, plus an assurance that the government would regulate businesses more strictly unless calm prevailed, allowed stocks to break even over the next few days. Hoover’s calm in this crisis led the nation out of Black Thursday with only a slight dip in employment and led to his reelection in 1932.

in 1943, the first elements of the Semitic-African Resistance organize themselves around clandestine ham radio operators in eastern Europe and the Mediterranean. The S.A.R. were the heirs to the legacy of the Greater Zionist Resistance, attempting to protect their people after the G.Z.R. dream of conquest had been defeated.

in 1970, President Richard Nixon “asked” broadcasters to begin screening out songs that encouraged drug use. When a few licenses were revoked for failure to comply with this “request”, virtually all radio stations in the country sanitized their music. Rock and roll went into a long death spiral after this.

in 1987, the Senate, in a rebuke to Comrade President Ann Richards, denies her nominee for the Supreme People’s Court, fellow Texas Socialist James Hightower. The Senate felt that Comrade Richards was attempting to concentrate too many of her old Texas Soviet cronies into high office with her. This was probably what led her to choose a New Hampshire native, David Souter, for her next judicial nominee.

in 1991, Star Trek producer/creator Bob Wesley dies of a heart attack in Los Angeles, California. His vision of the future started not only his own career but those of Emmy and Oscar winners William Shatner, Martin Landau, Will Wheaton and Patrick Stewart. Wesley will always be remembered with great affection by the millions who followed that vision.

in 2003, after a 5th trumpet sounds throughout the Holy British Empire, millions see Estelle Gerard in the sky over London; many even see her at the head of a choir of angels. Priests who had been faithful to Pope Righteous I begin to develop diseases, and die in great numbers over the next few days.

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