Sunday, October 03, 2004

O.J. Simpson Murder Verdict

October 3rd, 2004

in 1748, architect Nilson Bors was born in Oslo, Norway. Bors has often been cited as the 19th century’s most brilliant builder, blending Mlosh and human forms into a new synthesis of design. His last project, completed in his 116th year, was the headquarters of the Congress of Nations in Cairo, Egypt.

in 1863, President Whitman declared the last Thursday of November to be a national day of thanks, to allow the nation to reflect on the good fortune of embracing the values of communism and surviving the Southern Rebellion.

in 1901, the Victor Talking Machine Company incorporated in New Jersey. They were taken over by Edison Electronics in 1910, and the Victor Company became the Edison division that eventually produced the Maggie and provided sound for Dynamic Pictures.

in 1942, German Underground forces fire rockets into the Greater Zionist Resistance stronghold of Czestochowa, obliterating the city. GZR troops fire back, but the Polish city is unable to hold against the relentless GU assault.

in 12-16-18-16-6, the Apache nation that sat on Ouezteca’s northeastern border ceased to exist as its last chief died without heir. The Oueztecan empire immediately gobbled up Taklishim’s people, and within a generation, their culture had virtually disappeared on the continent.

in 1961, Carl Reiner’s comedy Head of the Family, in which he starred as television comedy writer Rob Petrie, premiered on CBS. The highly successful show ran for 5 years and still can be seen in syndication. Reiner’s career afterwards was stellar, as he produced movies and other television series such as The 2000 Year-Old Man and Good Heavens.

in 1995, in one of the most sensational celebrity murder trials ever, the jury found O.J. Simpson guilty of murdering his ex-wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman. The turning point of the trial was probably the gloves. Simpson had made a great show of not being able to fit into the gloves after prosecutor Christopher Darden had urged him to pull them on. Darden then seized the gloves and also made a great show of not being able to put them on. Darden then showed the jury that his hands were much smaller than Simpson’s. From that point on, the trial went against the former football star.

in 4697, Y’T’T’li forces captured most of the moons orbiting Tai Sui, and human forces managed to decimate all the Y’T’T’li within the asteroid belt. Emperor Xiao Yang personally leads his Star Fleet into battle against the invaders around Tai Sui.

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