Sunday, October 17, 2004

Civil War Among The Hopi

October 17th, 2004

in 888, Tomas de Torquemada launched his Inquisatores, bent on bringing Espagne back to the infidel Christians. His torturers killed many of the faithful Muslim peasants in their limpieza de sangre (cleanliness of blood) movement. They were finally halted when Torquemada was executed in 904; Allah is merciful.

in 1787, civil war breaks out in the southwestern North American nation of the Hopi. Part of the Hopi believe that the Mlosh are the spirits that their ancestors spoke of being from the sky and wants to join the North American Confederation the Mlosh are talking about; the rest of the nation considers that an assault on their own beliefs. The war lasts for 13 years, and in the end, the Hopi are left a small people, isolated from the rest of the continent.

in 1903, radio, stage and television star Irene Noblette was born in El Paso, Texas. Although an accomplished performer who, on Les Hope’s military tours in World War II, was known as the gal who makes Les Hope laugh, she didn’t become famous until her stint on the TV series The Beverly Hillbillies. After the series ended, she performed on Broadway in the musical Pippin, but had to leave the show because of poor health. She recovered in 1974 and starred for the next 3 years in the TV series Granny’s House, a thinly-veiled ripoff of her previous series. Her foundation today hands out scholarships to deserving actors and actresses in college, and an Irene Noblette nomination is a mark of honor on any performer’s resume.

in 1973, part of OPEC began an embargo against the United States and Great Britain for their support of Israel. President McGovern of the U.S. used this embargo to move the country away from fossil fuels and onto alternative energy sources; by the end of McGovern’s second term, windmills, solar and nuclear power plants, hydrogen and even alcohol provided the power to run the country, and OPEC tried in vain to bring America back as a customer with much lower prices. With America leading the way, OPEC’s stranglehold on energy was broken.

in 1977, President James Earl Carter signs a bill restoring Abraham Lincoln’s citizenship. Lincoln, of course, had been the president of the breakaway Union states during America’s civil war. His citizenship was stripped from him when he was recaptured at the end by the victorious Confederate forces.

in 1988, Socialist Party Secretary Comrade Lyndon LaRouche is found innocent of fraud and corruption charges at a trial in Illinois. “As I’ve always said, these charges are baseless,” the Comrade Secretary told the press. “It shows how far the Communists are willing to go to suppress views other than their own.”

in 1991, pastor Ernest Ford died in Los Angeles, California. The Tennessean with a voice on loan from God as one parishioner put it, had entered the ministry in his home state during the Great Depression, and his messages of hope and beautiful singing voice brought thousands to hear him preach. He became a national radio minister in the 40’s, and moved to television in the 50’s, starting a ministry in Los Angeles to be at the heart of it all. At his funeral in Palo Alto, over 10,000 people waited in the rain to pay their final respects to the pastor.

in 2003, Estelle Gerard appears on the streets of London; but this Estelle Gerard is a teenager, not the toddler that people have seen before. “This is the last hour of God’s mercy,” she tells the crowd that rapidly assembles at the Tower of London. “The British Empire has ceased to be holy, and those who have corrupted it must face His wrath.” As Templars arrive to arrest her, another trumpet note sounds, and Gerard disappears.

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