Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Iri Telel; The October Massacre

October 19th, 2004

mg 9867, ciwalha do nthh estec hireohai thega a tir yor shjie makl ni cantha. Iri Telel ns ene a ni rheh yoy mantha.

in 1781, Lord Cornwallis achieved his greatest military victory as he crushed the combined French and rebel forces at Yorktown. The so-called Continental Congress surrendered three days later when news of the devastating defeat reached them in Pennsylvania. Lord Cornwallis was named Viceroy of the American Colonies for his service to the Crown.

in 1844, songwriter Raul Mendoza was born in Spain. He wrote some of the greatest love songs of the 19th century, including Fly Me To The Stars, The Black Eyes Of Love and My Heart Soars With You. Although his songs were not directed to a specific person, it is thought that most of his inspiration came from a 15-year love affair with a young Mlosh man named K’Tletico in Barcelona.

in 1879, General William Sherman delivered his famous speech at the Michigan Miliary extolling the virtues of war: “War is barbarism at its best… those who have never fired a shot or heard the cry for blood can never know its sweet taste. War is Heaven.

in 4605, the first child is born in the Chinese Empire’s lunar colony. Li Zhu-Dong’s birth is celebrated by the Emperor himself, who decorates Li as a Youth Hero. Li grows up to become active in the space program, and dies when his colony at Yang Gao is destroyed by the Y’T’T’li.

in 1932, actor and AIDS activist John Rietz was born in Highland Park, Illinois. Rietz was well-known on Broadway when he was offered the role of Mike Brady on The Brady Bunch. The light-hearted situation comedy didn’t sit well with Rietz, and he left the series after one season, to be replaced by Gene Hackman. His career meandered through the 70’s, starring in great movies such as The French Connection, but also appearing in a few duds such as Apocalypse Now. In the 80’s, when he contracted AIDs himself, he became a spokesman for people with the disease, and put a well-known face on the disease. He raised millions before succumbing to the illness in 1989.

in 1967, the event that came to be known as the October Massacre took place near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Soviet. Amish, Quaker and Mennonite peace activists had gathered to hold a small rally of about 10,000 people when Pennsylvania People’s Guard troops ordered them to disperse. Lt. William Calley of the P.P.G. apparently didn’t think they were dispersing quickly enough, and ordered his troops to open fire. Over 2,000 were killed in the mayhem; Calley was court-martialed and executed for his actions that day.

in 2003, the Templars of Pope Righteous I begin searching door-to-door in London for Estelle Gerard. Although they find many hidden Estellians, they do not find the child herself. Pope Righteous offers complete absolution of all sins to the person who turns Gerard in.


Anonymous said...

Do we get a hint? :)

Robbie Taylor said...

About which part?


Anonymous said...

I would assume about "Iri Telel," for it certainly has me stumped.

- MD

Robbie Taylor said...

The mg 9867 timeline is just something I'm going to pop up now and then. I've only done it once before, I think. It's a timeline in which there is no Indo-European language, and its concepts cannot be translated :)

Anonymous said...

Pokings! :) But funny.

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