Monday, October 11, 2004

Defender Of The Faith

October 11th, 2004

in 1521, Pope Henry VIII added to his title the phrase “Defender of the Faith”, as a sign to the Protestant movements that he would not stand idly by while they preached their heresy against the Holy British Empire.

in 1100, Pyotr ibn Alexei was named Caliph of Russ. The young Caliph, barely 17 years old, was strong in the faith, and Allah rewarded him well. He reigned for 36 years, and put half of Asia under the benevolent rule of Islam.

in 1804, Ml’Astran inventor Kylie Gulagong was born in Canberra. She is widely credited with adapting the Mlosh stun ray to work on humans, as well as dozens of smaller inventions that made life easier. Miss Gulagong was also a philanthropist who contributed much of her wealth to aiding relief organizations around the world.

in 1887, D.E. Felt brought his designs to Edison Electronics when he joined the firm on this day. Felt was Edison’s best expert at the practical application of the Eddie, as well as the lead designer in the miniaturization project connected with it.

in 1923, the German economy rounded a corner as the deutschmark rises to 2 billion to the dollar. Within a year, the mark restabilizes at 100 to the dollar, and Germany is out of its depression. Many in their society had feared that the economic instability would cause support to grow for fringe political elements, but there was no longer any fear of that. The Weimar Republic became one of Europe’s leading democracies in the decades that followed.

in 1975, NBC presents a live late night comedy show on Saturday entitled, appropriately enough, Saturday Night Live. Although the comic talents of Corny Chase, Mimi Kennedy, John Belushi and Dan Ackroyd were brought into the project, no audience was found for the show, and it was cancelled in the first season.

in 1975, dissidents W. Jefferson Blythe and Hillary Rodham married in the Arkansas Soviet. Jeff and Hill committed acts of aggression against Americans across the southeast during their career as counter-revolutionaries, trying to raise support for their capitalist cause. They were ultimately caught and sentenced to death in 1992.

in 1981, a young singer from Minnesota, Roger Nelson, opens for the Gathering Moss at their concert in the L.A. Coliseum. Moss lead singer Mike Jagger is so taken with Nelson’s performance that he offers him an album deal. The album produced, Erotic City, is banned in many communities as obscene; this only furthers its sales everywhere else.

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Aaron Tieger said...

Hey man,

I love the site but it seems to be getting a bit predictable, e.g. your SNL entry. A recurring form seems to be "In an alternate timeline, something that is very popular in our timeline flopped." I think the more speculative events are more gripping. Overall, though, great site.

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