Monday, October 18, 2004

Francis Bacon Tried For Witchcraft Again; Oswald Born In Texas Soviet

October 18th, 2004

in 1620, Francis Bacon is tried for witchcraft again, after many witnesses see him at a secret rite in the woods outside of London. All the witnesses disappear before the trial begins, and he is freed.

in 1719, the Mlosh begin the journey from their homeworld to earth. They have never spoken of the reason for choosing earth when there were apparently other compatible worlds on the way.

in 2553 AUC, slavery is officially outlawed within the borders of the Roman Republic. The move is hailed as a progressive step forward by liberals within the Republic, but many conservatives feel they are giving upa part of their culture extending back thousands of years. The former slaves tend to side with the liberals.

in 4501, actor Min-Hau is born in the Nanking province of the Empire. He is noted for his many portrayals of western barbarians in his work; in fact, in his most controversial play, Sons of the Setting Sun, Min-Hau actually had westerners on stage with him, although none were allowed speaking roles.

in 1926, photographer Charles Berry was born in St. Louis, Missouri. Berry shattered the preconceptions of 1950’s America with his stark, black-and-white portraits of life among African-Americans during the period. His pictures and their popularization are often credited with spurring the conscience of the government enough to do something about African-American poverty.

in 1931, Thomas Edison dies. His electrical inventions such as the Eddie, Maggie and electric car revolutionized America and gave it the tools with which to spring forth into the 20th century as the greatest inventive power ever known on earth. President Herbert Hoover called him the greatest American since Thomas Jefferson at his funeral in New Jersey.

in 1939, fascist counter-revolutionary Lee Harvey Oswald was born in the Soviet of Texas, in Fort Worth. In spite of spending part of his youth in the People’s Marine Corps, Oswald was seduced by capitalist reactionaries and their influence caused him to assassinate Comrade President Joel Rosenberg in 1962. All available evidence points to him being a lone gunman, but many on the lunatic fringe of society believe he was part of a larger conspiracy.

in 2003, Pope Righteous I issues an edict forbidding any Christian of the Holy British Empire from dealing in any way with Estellians, on penalty of excommunication. He also makes excommunication punishable by death. A dozen Estellians are rounded up that day and hung in the courtyard of Buckingham Cathedral, to prove his point.

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