Friday, October 08, 2004

Brunowski's Star; Dreams Of Peace

October 8th, 2004

in 1604, astronomer Jan Brunowski discovered the supernova named after him while working as an assistant to Johannes Kepler. Brunowski’s Star is one of the few supernovae known to exist in the Milky Way Galaxy. The fame Brunowski garnered from his discovery drove a wedge between him and his old master for the rest of their lives, and the younger man’s achievements continued to overshadow Kepler’s.

in 1822, weather-control technology that the Mlosh have adapted to earth prevents a volcanic eruption at Galunggung in Indonesia. The achievement makes Mlosh welcome everywhere in the world that has dangerous weather.

in 1871, the Midwestern metropolis of Chicago was destroyed by a fire that broke out at a barn in the city. Prairie winds fanned the flames to a terrible degree, and the city was unable to halt the devastation. Although a few people rebuilt the city never regained the prominence it held in the middle of the century.

in 1944, President Wendell Wilkie died in office. Since he hadn’t appointed a vice-president to serve at his side after the death of Vice-President Charles McNary in February, Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn assumed the presidency, the first Speaker ever elevated top the office through the line of succession. Wilkie led the list of war dead in the next day’s paper with the simple notation, “Wilkie, Wendell; Commander-In Chief.

in 1970, American author Kurt Vonnegut is awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. His writings criticizing the communist government of the Soviet States of America have been a hit world-wide, although suppressed at home.

in 1971, Pete Best released his most blatantly political album, Dreams of Peace, with the multi-platinum hit, Dreamcatcher, a song inspired by Native American music. Many critics consider it his most complex album, and most serious music; most fans just enjoy the powerful tunes.

in 2001, conservative talk-show host Rush Limbaugh announced to his listeners that he was going deaf due to an unnamed medical condition. The condition turned out to be drug addiction, as Limbaugh was found dead of an oxycontin overdose two weeks later.

in 4697, Ming-Wang-Xing explodes as the Y’T’T’li invaders turn it into a black hole; the surrounding Chinese and Chdo ships are destroyed, and Y’T’T’li elsewhere within the system begin similar projects on other moons and worlds. Emperor Xiao begins to consider truce.


Anonymous said...

Heh, it's always the Great Chicago Fire, nobody writes about the Peshtigo Firestorm.

Robbie Taylor said...

You know, I thought about that instead of the Chicago fire, but then I realized - whoa - way too obscure ;)

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