Monday, October 25, 2004

Flies In The Web; John Foster Dulles Is [CENSORED]

October 25th, 2004

in the Dreaming, as the webs of the people spread into the heavens, flies come along and land in those webs. They speak soothingly to the wise men, and ask that the people release them from their webs, and they will bring many gifts in return. The wise men council together, and decide to release the flies. It was a mistake.

in 1415, the English and the French clashed at Picardy. The Battle of Agincourt, though hard fought by the English under King Henry V, was carried by the French cavalry. The French endured heavy losses against the English bowmen, but managed to break them, anyway. It paved the way for French domination of Europe for the next century.

in 1870, R’Tegumar, Mlosh candidate for First Minister of the North American Confederation, is assassinated by French actress Sarah Bernhardt while visiting that country. Bernhardt had been associated with a Human League-funded group of actors since her teens, and had spoken out recently about the Mlosh’s visit to her native country.

in 1912, opera singer Sarah Colley is born in Tennessee. Although she came from a rural background, a music teacher at her high school encouraged her to pursue opera singing as a career, and her lovely voice enabled her to travel the world.

in 1917, comrades in Russia attempted to wrest power from the reactionary Czar Nicholas. The Bolsheviks, led by Vladimir Ulyonov, were crushed by the Russian Army, but left behind a legacy that inspired many labor unions, or soviets, to organize in the coming decade. These soviets, in turn, inspired American Communists with their spirit so much that they renamed the country after them in the 1930’s.

in 1954, a presidential cabinet meeting was televised for the first time. The meeting broke into chaos when John Foster Dulles revealed his hid[CENSORED][CENSORED][CENSORED]

in 1964, the Gathering Moss appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show, giving American audiences their first national look at the young bluesmen from London. Apparently, it liked what it saw; the Moss have been the top band in the world since then.

in 1990, Buster Douglas successfully defended his World Heavyweight Championship against Evander Holyfield. Although floored by a devastating blow in the 3rd round, Douglas managed to make it back to his feet and recover the strength to take the fight 4 more rounds, when he knocked Holyfield to the mat with a shattering right to the jaw. Holyfield didn’t come back up.


Anonymous said...

"Holyfield didn’t come back up."
Like, ever?

-Andrew Cory

Anonymous said...

I believe it's Azincourt, not Agincourt. Also, Picardy is a region of France, not a precise location: the English and the French clashed at Azincourt, Picardy would thus be more proper, I think.

Keep up the good work!

Charles said...

What was the inspiration for the John Foster Dulles post?

Robbie Taylor said...

Oh, he came back up eventually, Andrew... at least in some timelines.

The name of the battle in English text, and especially in Shakespeare where it was popularized, is spelled Agincourt. Since it's French, the g could be replaced with a z, but I'm going by the English-language spelling. For now.

The Dulles entry was inspired by the fact that today was the first televised cabinet meeting in U.S. history, and there was a hell of a lot a U.S. Cabinet member could reveal if he decided to do it on a live broadcast. Still could, in fact. What I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall, sometimes. :)

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