Sunday, October 31, 2004


October 31st, 2004

in 1070, Druid and Christian priests meet at the Stonehenge and battle for the soul of England. The Christians call upon the power of Christ and the forces of all the saints, while the Druids use the proximity of Samhain and the closeness of their dark gods to reinforce their power. While the Christians drive away the Druids, they were only banished temporarily; and each Samhain, when the walls between their world and ours are the thinnest, they return to renew their battle until the day comes when they might emerge victorious.

in 1846, the Donner party became trapped in a pass in the Sierra Mountains. They made their winter camp at Truckee Lake. They had plenty of supplies to get them through the winter, and were prepared to wait. What they were unprepared for was the hideous beast that waited in the lake to feed upon their flesh…

in 1902, sensors within the solar system detect something that distorts space and time around it approaching the earth. Powerless to stop it, they watch as it descends on the Mlosh colony ship and gathered Mlosh in the Sahara Desert; its formless and unspeakable horror driving both men and Mlosh mad at the sight. For a long day and night, the Mlosh battle this hideous demon from beyond the stars; humanity prays that its allies win the struggle.

in 1926, famed escape artist Harry Houdini fell ill after a mysterious woman visited him back stage prior to performing his act in Detroit, Michigan. After a couple of days, he recovered, but seemed to have developed some sort of skin condition; he grew very pale, and would only perform or make public appearances at night. His act became even more daring, though; he escaped from traps as if he could turn into a wisp of smoke.

in 1961, Stalin’s body is removed from Lenin’s Tomb, only to bring its foul curse upon all of Russia. It creeps across the streets of Moscow, draining the essence from unfortunate comrades, using their energy to fuel its undead existence. It is finally stopped when an Egyptologist, a spunky Red Army soldier and a beautiful young nurse from Moscow People’s Hospital destroy the ankh that was keeping it alive.

in 1963, during a “Holiday on Ice” show in Indiana, young skater Missy Black tumbles during a number, sending the audience into howls of laughter. Unfortunately for them, the young Miss Black had horrible telekinetic powers, and she didn’t like being laughed at. Her rage exploded a propane tank in the rink, engulfing the crowd in flames. Black supposedly perished in the blaze, but her body was never found.

in 1987, Joseph Campbell, explorer of ancient myths, dies and is buried in Honolulu, Hawaii. That night, he appears in a dream to George Lucas, who conceives a new trilogy for his Star Wars saga based on the tales that Campbell brings to him from the other side; but, he has to tone down the Gungan that Campbell speaks of, because its horror is too much for an audience to take.

in 2003, the dead rise from their graves and walk the land as the Holy British Empire hears the 6th trumpet. The walking dead cry for the living to repent before the final trumpet sounds, that they may not suffer the fate of the damned.


Anonymous said...

Must crush Capitalism!

Loved the Stain one...

Andrew Cory

Robbie Taylor said...

Halloween has to have some traditional heroes, after all... :)

Happy Halloween, everybody!

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