Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Nobel Peace Prize Controversy

October 27th, 2004

in the Dreaming, the great spider heard the cries of the wise men and came to their aid, wrapping the flies in his cocoon. But even he could not find all of the people who were lost in the heavens, their webs cut off from the land. The wise men spun their webs again, and began their long search for the lost ones.

in 960, the infidel Michael Servetus of Espagne was stoned to death for attempting to convert faithful Muslims to his Christian religion. The Caliphs of Espagne had been merciful to Christians of the country, but had forbidden them from attempting to convert good Muslims; Servetus paid the price for his arrogance.

in 1656, Quaker killers William Robinson and Marmaduke Stevenson are executed by Massachusetts after a brief trial confirming their guilt. They had been the accomplices of notorious murderers Ann Austin and Mary Fisher, who reportedly killed a hundred men for their bizarre cult.

in 1728, Captain James Cook was born in Marton, England. As a young man, he escaped the poverty of his childhood by joining the crew of an asteroid mining ship, and quickly rose to command it. A Mlosh officer aboard the Sentry-class vessel Sibin’Qar who had once served with him brought him aboard as a Lieutenant, and in 1759, he became its Captain. The Sibin’Qar became the most famous ship of the British Royal Navy, as Cook explored the nearest star systems to earth. In his time, he traveled further than any other human alive.

in 1871, Democratic party boss William Tweed is arrested for corruption by Communist Attorney General David Wade. The arrest of the most powerful Democrat in New York brings the Democratic party in New York crashing down. With the loss of New York, the party soon began losing its hold over other states, and in 1884, was completely absorbed into the Socialist Party.

in 1936, Wallis Simpson, American socialite, was granted a divorce from her husband Ernest. 4 months later, she married Edward Windsor, also known as King Edward VIII. This scandal nearly toppled the British Crown, but Conservatives in the government suppressed liberals who had wanted to depose Edward. This suppression became worse as Edward reached a hand of friendship across to Nazi Germany during its war on the continent.

in 1962, Nikita Kruschev refuses to back down from the placement of nuclear missiles in Cuba, and President Kennedy orders troops onto the island to remove them. The resulting nuclear exchange kills hundreds of millions of people across North America, Europe and Asia. The survivors of this holocaust, mostly in the southern hemisphere, are plagued by cancer and other diseases for decades afterwards. The tenuous nature of life on earth enforces a strict code of non-violence among the remaining nations, and humanity pulls itself back from the brink a much stronger race than before.

in 1978, in a highly controversial move, the Swedish Nobel Peace Prize Committee gave its award to Semitic-African Resistance leaders Anwar Sadat and Elie Wiesel for their resistance against the global spread of Nazism. After this award, the Peace Prize was officially discontinued.

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