Saturday, October 23, 2004

Irish Declaration Of Independence

October 23rd, 2004

in 1805, Ireland declared its independence from the United Kingdom, launching a 4-year war for freedom from the British Crown. Since one of the Mlosh colony ships had landed on the Emerald Isle, there was a sizable minority of the aliens claiming Irish citizenship, and they stood with their neighbors against the British. They were at the forefront of the war, and after victory, instrumental in turning Ireland into a democratic confederation.

in 2558 AUC, the Aeneus, a Greek vessel carrying almost a thousand people to Vinland, sinks off the coast of the continent. Almost 400 people are killed in the accident, making it the worst naval disaster in the republic during the 26th century.

in 1905, Felix Bloch was born in Zurich, Switzerland. After moving to America in 1933, the great physicist fell in with Richard Tolman’s parallel dimensions cult and his Nobel win in 1952 gave it a shot of credibility. Like so many other members of the cult, he mysteriously disappeared in 1960 after giving a lecture at Stanford University about the ability to cross between realities at will.

in 1956, the comrades of Hungary attempted to throw off the shackles of their reactionary oppressors. In spite of aid given by a sympathetic Soviet States of America, the country’s prime minister, a puppet of Russian and West German capitalists, crushes the rebellion with military assistance from those governments. Comrade President Joel Rosenberg calls it, “a black day for the freedom-loving people of Europe”.

in 1959, polka king Alfred Yankovic was born in Lynwood, California. Yankovic took a form of music that had been confined to Lawrence Welk specials and Polish festivals and gave it a brief period of “hipness” in the 1980’s. He still continues to perform professionally, but mainly at Polish festivals, now.

in 1962, Little Steve Judkins released his first single, Thank you for loving me all the way, at the tender age of 12. Judkins caught the attention of Texas rocker Buddy Holly, who produced 3 albums with the young singer, all of which went gold. Judkins is still popular today, having produced such classics as Superstitious and My Cherie Amour.

in 1978, Doctor Barnett Slepian was shot to death at his home in Amherst, New York. Slepian, a Jewish doctor who had been suspected of treating Semitic-African Resistance members without reporting them, had been threatened with death many times in his career, but had always managed to evade the killers until this day.

in 1983, the Beirut Airport was annihilated by car bombs. Several groups claimed responsibility, but the country was in such chaos that the real culprits will probably never be known. Fortunately for the U.S., a plan to house Marines at the Airport had been discarded due to the possibility of just such an attack. 58 French soldiers who had been barracked in the city were killed by a similar attack that day.

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