Sunday, October 29, 2006

All Part Of The Plan

We're going pink for October!

The state of TIAH

October 29th, 2006

in 1972, the Montignac police officers, as well as Professor Karl Ainsworth and Dr. Yvette Montclair, attend Sunday Mass at the church in the village. To their surprise, Father Vincent Laval is there, conducting the service. Ainsworth and Montclair restrain the officers from arresting the mad priest, and they listen to his sermon attentively. Halfway through, his niece, Sondra Laval, appears in the doorway of the church with a large cave bear - and that bear has several cubs following in tow. Before the townsfolk can react to the unusual sight, Father Laval speaks a few sentences in Sanskrit, and the villagers calm down. Looking around them, the police and the academics get the feeling that the people of Montignac are in a receptive trance. “My children,” Father Laval says in French, “our god is now calling us. His mate has grown full with the souls of our sacrifices, but she still needs to feast before she goes back to the long sleep. There are those among us who would deny her,” he says, pointing in the direction of Montclair, Ainsworth, and Officers Hortefeux and Orleans, “and they must be dealt with. Seize them.” Before the 4 outsiders can resist, the villagers surround and restrain them. “Don't worry,” Father Laval says to them, “You shall be a special feast for the Great Bear Himself, not for His mate, nor even His cubs. You shall be sacrificed on the Day of Sleep, to sustain Him while He rests again, and the outside world forgets us.” The villagers drag the protesting outsiders to the police station and lock them up in a cell, after disarming them and taking away their keys. “Don't worry,” Professor Ainsworth tells the two policemen, “this is all part of the plan.”

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