Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Spanish Wedding

We're going pink for October!

The state of TIAH

October 18th, 2006

in 1469, Ferdinand of Aragon weds Isabella of Castile in an attempt to unite the fractious Spanish people. Their oppression of the population through the Spanish Inquisition backfires on them, though, and they are overthrown in 1482 by a union of Spanish Muslims and Jews, who base their government in Moorish Granada. The presence of a large Islamic state in the heart of western Europe drove the Catholic Church insane, and they spent treasure and lives freely in order to be rid of it. In an effort to find new funding for their defense, the Calif of Granada financed an Italian's expedition to find a western route to India in 1496. The unexpected result of this mission was a new continent rich in gold and converts to the Moorish cause that made them the strongest nation in Europe.

in 1972, as dawn breaks over Montignac, Professor Karl Ainsworth and Dr. Yvette Montclair drive back into the town and head for the Lascaux Cave to see if the cultists have left any traces of Officer Xavier Hely after the attack the previous night. When they reach the cave's forbidden passageway, they see a lot of blood on the floor, and very reluctantly, look up. Much to their dismay, they see the body of their friend hanging amidst the other corpses on the ceiling of the cave, torn apart just as Dr. Roman Pelliot had been. They get the ladder from the car and lower Hely down. They wrap him up in a tarp from the car and load him into the back seat, then drive to the coroner's. After finishing that sad task, they drive to the police station to let them know what happened. The town's small force is dwindling rapidly; there are only 4 officers left, and they are considering career changes after what has happened to their comrades. Finally, Montclair insists they visit Father Laval to arrange the funeral of their friend. The priest is taken aback to see them, and shocked to hear that Officer Hely has been killed. "He was always such a delightful boy, helping others even when he was a little one. Such a tragedy." Ainsworth agrees. "He was a very brave man; his last action was an attempt to save someone's life." Father Laval looks curious and asks, "Who was he trying to save?" Montclair jumps in before Ainsworth can answer and says, "He heard a young woman's screams from outside the cave, and rushed in; whatever it is that has been killing people recently found him, then." Father Laval, who had been tense for a moment, seemed to relax, and the pair left his church. Montclair turned to Ainsworth and asked him, "Did you see? He wanted to know what we knew, what we saw last night. He was there – and he remembers."

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