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Tejano Revolution

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October 2nd, 2006

in 1835, the doomed Tejano Revolution fires its first shots at Gonzales when the Mexican army strode into the small village to take away their one lone cannon. Emperor Santa Anna had ordered all Anglo Tejanos to be disarmed, and Gonzales' cannon was on the list. The Anglos in the village decided to resist, and after immense bloodshed, were defeated and their cannon taken away. They inflicted heavy losses on the Mexicans, though, and Santa Anna ordered a draft of men from across Mexico to put down these rebellious Anglos. With the immense forces brought to bear on them, the handful of Tejano rebels were unable to hold out, and surrendered before spring.

in 1966, after the USSR reports that their military advisors have been fired on while training North Vietnamese soldiers in the civil war against the south, they enter the war openly on the side of the Viet Cong. This escalation of the war spurs the UN to enter negotiations to try to quell the hostilities between the opposing sides and avoid a dangerous confrontation between the world's two superpowers. They are ultimately unsuccessful, and the Soviet Union pours its military into the small Asian nation. With the geographical advantage entirely on the Soviet side, the Americans are tempted to use nuclear weapons against Hanoi and other targets in North Vietnam, but President Johnson refuses this suggestion. He had just run a campaign ridiculing an opponent as being atomic-trigger-happy – he wasn't going to fall prey to that mindset, himself. But, he did let the Soviets know that he was thinking about it, which brought them to the table to negotiate peace. President Johnson and Soviet Premier Brezhnev signed the historic Paris Accords in 1968, just in time to give Johnson a huge boost to victory in the American presidential elections that year.

in 1972, Officer Xavier Hely of the Montignac police is attacked while guarding Doctor Roman Pelliot in the hospital, and is unable to keep the four men who charge him from taking the doctor and escaping. He brushes off the hospital staff's offers of assistance and calls Professor Karl Ainsworth, who had left the hospital only to see if there was anything in his books to help them combat this strange cult. They both know that the cultists are bringing Pelliot back to the Lascaux Cave, and both men head for that forsaken hole in the ground. The moon hides itself from the earth as they dive in to save Doctor Pelliot.

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