Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Simpson Trial Verdict

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October 3rd, 2006

in 1972, Professor Karl Ainsworth and Officer Xavier Hely reach the forbidden chamber in the Lascaux Cave just after the stroke of midnight, barely in time to see a small group of cultists struggling to impale Doctor Roman Pelliot back into the roof. Officer Hely fires into the group, and shouts for them to drop the doctor and move away. Instead, they begin chanting a guttural song, in a language that is most certainly not French. The scraping sound begins at the back of the cave, only this time it is far louder than either Ainsworth or Hely had ever heard it. Hely, in a panic, shoots the nearest cultist and runs for Dr. Pelliot. Ainsworth aims his flashlight at the back of the cave, and uses his rifle to cover Hely as he tries to pull Pelliot away from the cultists. They continue their unnerving chant, and Ainsworth sees something quite large moving at the back of the cave. He fires at it, but it doesn't slow down. He decides that a different course of action is called for, then, and picks off the two cultists holding Pelliot, allowing Officer Hely to drag the archaeologist toward the passageway's opening. The remaining cultists throw themselves at Hely with no regard for their personal safety, and they are shot mercilessly by the policeman and Professor Ainsworth. The thing at the back of the cave keeps moving forward, though, and Ainsworth grabs Pelliot's free arm and shouts at Hely, “For the love of God, man, run!” Carrying Pelliot between them, they hurtle out of the passageway and pelt towards the cave's opening. They hear the sound of pursuit behind, both the cultists and the disconcerting scraping sound of the summoned creature. Just as the moonlight from the outside world is visible in front of them, Pelliot is pulled from their grasp, and they whirl to face a huge maw with flashing teeth. They fire at it in a panic, but hit nothing. They hear a horrible rending noise, and know that Dr. Pelliot is dead. Rather than join him, they both dash for the cave's opening and jump into Professor Ainsworth's car. They see a few cultists run out of the cave in pursuit of them, but they are able to easily outrun them in the car. Ainsworth asks the officer, “Where can we go that would be safe?” Hely says, “The police department. We should be all right there.” He holds up his gun and says, “And we can reload, if nothing else.”

in 1995, the jury in the O.J. Simpson murder trial returns a guilty verdict, shocking the defense attorneys and Simpson. Attorney Johnny Cochran, especially, had felt that this case was in the bag. When they were interviewed afterward, the jurors said that the tipping point had been Simpson's exaggerated efforts to make it seem that the bloody gloves found at the crime scene didn't fit him; Cochran's rhyming reminder that “if the gloves don't fit, you must acquit,” unfortunately for the lawyer, reminded them that the gloves seemed more than large enough for even Simpson's sizable mitts, and that they were being manipulated to think otherwise. Simpson appealed, but the case was upheld by the superior courts, and O.J. Simpson began serving his life sentence in 1999.

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What about the Battle of Mogadishu?

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