Friday, October 20, 2006

The Wahoo

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October 20th, 2006

Alternate Historian's Note: We have an entry from a Guest Historian, today, Ryan Hackel, whose other work you can find at Our thanks to Ryan for his work! If you would like to be a Guest Historian, too, read the state of TIAH link above for information on how to do it.

in 1943, the USS Wahoo (SS-238) arrives at Pearl Harbor, completing its seventh patrol. Armed with his experiences as the submarine force's most successful skipper, Captain Morton confronts the Bureau of Ordnance over the trouble-prone Mark 18 electric torpedoes. With his urging, engineers are able to identify and correct technical flaws in the torpedo that would cause it to circle around and target its firing submarine. Seeing the success of Wahoo's patrol of the Sea of Japan, ComSubPac stepped up antishipping patrols around the Japanese home islands, which by mid-1944 became an unofficial blockade of Japan. -entry by Guest Historian, Ryan Hackel-

in 1972, as the huge bear approaches Professor Karl Ainsworth and Dr. Yvette Montclair to the Sanskrit chanting of the cultists around them, Ainsworth begins a counter-chant in the same language. Much to his and Montclair's surprise, this halts the bear in its tracks, as well as confusing the cultists. Father Laval, the mad parish priest of Montignac, screams at them in the dead language, but Professor Ainsworth keeps up his steady chant, and the cultists begin repeating him, drowning out Laval. In disgust, Laval whispers something in the bear's ear and walks off with it into the darkness of the Lascaux Cave. Ainsworth keeps his chant up until dawn finally cracks over the French countryside, and the cultists begin to rouse from their stupor. When they all begin to throw off their robes and question their surroundings, Ainsworth stops his chanting, giving his cracking voice a rest. “Have I mentioned,” Dr. Montclair says to him, “how happy I am that you had a book on Sanskrit?”

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