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Che Guevara Escapes Bolivian Army

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October 8th, 2006

in 1967, revolutionary agitator Che Guevara escapes after a disastrous fight with the Bolivian army leaves most of his Bolivian guerrillas dead. Slipping across the border back to his native Argentina, Guevara holes up with a small group of supporters to heal his wounds and recover from this defeat. While there, many of his followers urge him to take personal command of the ERP and lead it to control of the nation. As he recovers and hears the cries of his people for relief from the right-wing government, he makes the decision to do as they ask, and he takes personal command of the ERP. With much aid from Cuba, he stages a massive revolt in 1969 against the Argentinian government and takes control of the country. The CIA of the United States then activates one of its agents in his ranks, and he is poisoned just as he is about to declare himself dictator, and arranges supplies and arms for former dictator Juan Peron to swoop in and seize power. He is propped up by the CIA for almost two more decades, until his death in 1986 allows Argentina the chance to finally embrace democracy.

in 1972, with Dr. Yvette Montclair and several dozen rounds of ammunition for 3 tranquilizer guns, Professor Karl Ainsworth and Officer Xavier Hely return to Montignac to continue their investigation of the cult surrounding the Lascaux Cave. Dr. Montclair insists on attending Mass when they arrive, and Hely and Ainsworth follow along, reluctantly. Father Laval is conducting the Mass, and gives a short sermon about the recent losses of the community and how they must pull together. “Our Lord may have had to endure his struggles alone, but our strength lies in the power of our ties to each other. We are one village, one people, one family. Together, we shall endure and triumph.” Dr. Montclair, at the conclusion of the sermon, walks up to Father Laval and thanks him for his stirring words. “They are from the heart, Madame,” he says to her. “Our little village here needs all the strength that the Lord's words can give us.” She nods, thanks him again, and rejoins Hely and Ainsworth, who are impatient to show her the evidence of the supposedly-extinct bear. Armed with tranquilizer guns, they descend into the cave where they had found the huge beast just 2 days before – only to find nothing this time. “They've moved it,” Ainsworth said in disgust. Dr. Montclair knelt down in a corner and examined something. “Not all of it,” she said, scooping something up into a bag. “Apparently, someone was a little too squeamish to collect its droppings. Let's get this back to my car.”Although Ainsworth and Hely think they would follow in that squeamish person's footsteps, they follow her back to her car and watch as she examines the dropping. After a very long time, she says, “Well, it does look like a bear, but I'd need a lab to identify anything further.” They take her to Dr. Pelliot's house, where he has a small lab in the basement, and she sets to work while they stand watch.

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