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Battle Of The Thames

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October 5th, 2006

in 1813, a mix of British soldiers and Shawnee warriors faces off against American General William Harrison's invading army at the Canadian Thames River. The Shawnee leader, Tecumseh, leads a daring attack against Harrison's position and captures the general. The two allies then crush the Americans between them, driving the survivors back south. With this impressive tactical victory, Tecumseh's star rises even further among native nations across the North American continent, and warriors flock to his banner to help him drive off white settlers. This unnerves the British, but Tecumseh signs a pledge to them that any British citizens on the North American continent will be allowed to stay. He regrets this in later years as the Brits dump thousands of colonists into his lands, but honored the pledge until his death; “I am no white man, who signs a treaty without any thought of upholding it. My word has been given, and I will stand by it.”

in 1972, Officer Xavier Hely and Professor Karl Ainsworth consult with Montignac's coroner to see what exactly killed Doctor Roman Pelliot. The coroner thinks that it was an animal's claws; a large animal, judging from the huge slices into the doctor's flesh. They try to remember the creature that was summoned from the back of that forbidden passageway in the Lascaux Cave, and their descriptions are almost bear-like. The coroner says that is consistent with the claw marks on Pelliot's body. “It is a larger bear than anything I've ever seen, though,” the coroner told them. “Possibly it is escaped from a zoo?” They tell him that is possible, and leave it at that. Professor Ainsworth then makes arrangements to bury his colleague, and speaks with the local priest, Father Vincent Laval, about conducting a service. Father Laval is shocked to hear of Dr. Pelliot's death; “He was such a good man, so passionate about his work,” he says of the doctor. “But, we shall meet him on the other side.” Professor Ainsworth agrees, and the two arrange the funeral for the next day. Meanwhile, Officer Hely watches Sondrine Breton, the unwitting cultist they had captured the night before. She seems to simply go about her duties as a cashier, with the aura of someone who is completely normal. Before nightfall, Hely and Ainsworth meet at Dr. Pelliot's house and compare notes. They decide to spend the night at the police station – they don't relish the thought of being attacked again without some kind of backup.

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