Saturday, October 14, 2006

Roosevelt's Assassination Attempt

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October 14th, 2006

in 1912, while campaigning for the presidency in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, former President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt is shot at by a crank who said that “any man looking for a third term ought to be shot.” Roosevelt, who was completely missed by the wild shot, laughed off the attempt on his life and delivered his speech that night with even more humor and good graces than usual, captivating the audience. In fact, his personal popularity skyrocketed after the assassination attempt – Republican rival President William Howard Taft half-hinted that Roosevelt had engineered the attempt himself – and he easily defeated Taft and Democratic candidate Woodrow Wilson in the general election to become the longest-serving president in the nation's history.

in 1947, Captain Charles “Chuck” Yeager is killed when his aircraft, the experimental X-1 breaks apart just after it breaks through the sound barrier. The small group of pilots and Air Force officials watching hear the first sonic boom, followed by the quieter sound of Yeager's plane hitting the ground. Captain Yeager is listed in all the history books as the first man to break the sound barrier, although he is overshadowed by pilot Scott Crossfield, the first man to break the sound barrier and live to tell the tale.

in 1972, Officer Hely lets the bloodhound Tutti follow the trail from the Lascaux Cave that Dr. Yvette Montclair had arranged. Hely and Professor Karl Ainsworth follow Tutti around town, noting the places she stops at. One of the places she spends a lot of time at is the church, and in particular, the rectory where Father Laval lives. “Well, well, well,” Officer Hely says. “Perhaps the good father has more than one congregation.” He and Ainsworth set up a watch on the house with Dr. Montclair, and wait for the night to come.

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