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The state of TIAH

October 25th, 2006

Alternate Historian's Note: We have a pair of entries from Guest Historian Stephen Payne today. Our thanks to Mr. Payne for his research into new areas of alternate history! If you would like to be a guest historian, too, follow the link above 'The state of TIAH' to find out how to contact us.

in 1917, events driving Red October (Красный Октябрь) reached a climax as Vladimir Illych Lenin led his forces in the uprising in Petrograd, the capital of Russia, against the ineffective Kerensky Provisional Government. For the most part, the revolt in Petrograd was bloodless, with the Red Guards led by Bolsheviks taking over major government facilities with little opposition before finally launching an assault on the Winter Palace on the night from November 6 to November 7. This assault was repelled, however when imperial guards drove a stake through the vampire Lenin's heart, killing him and his undead nosferatu spawn. -entry by Guest Historian, Stephen Payne-

in 1924, future German Chancellor Adolf (translation "noble wolf" from the Germanic name Adalwolf) Hitler became self aware of a medical condition which he presumed to be linked to the advancement of combat stress disorder suffered intermittently since hospitalization at the close of World War I. The condition caused his arm to shake uncontrollably, forcing him to conceal it behind his back. The condition worsened and became impossible to conceal following the June 21, 1941 move to the major Eastern Front military headquarters known as Führerhauptquartier Wolfsschanze (Wolf's Lair). Surprisingly, no leadership connection was drawn to the Kaiser's withered hand, known to the world as a birth injury caused by incompetent surgeons. Doctors prescribed a cocktail of drugs for Hitler and recommended a vegetarian diet. Deputy Martin Bormann actually constructed a large greenhouse close to the Berghof (near Berchtesgaden) in order to ensure a steady supply of fresh fruits and vegetables for Hitler throughout the war. Bormann was also responsible for the destruction of Hitler's ashes in the Reich Chancellery Gardens following the Fuhrer's death in Berlin in April 1945. Having concealed his master's lycanthropy for over twenty years, he then used his own shape-shifting techniques to flee the burning city by moonlight, avoid detection by incoming Russian soldiers and return to Bavaria. -entry by Guest Historian, Stephen Payne-

in 1972, as night falls on Father Laval's second day of imprisonment in Montignac, Dr. Yvette Montclair arrives at the police station to watch him with Officer Patrice Orleans, giving Professor Karl Ainsworth and Officer Gerard Hortefeux a rest. When the light of the moon spills into his cell from the one window in the room, he begins a slow, quiet chant in Sanskrit. Officer Hortefeux tells him, “Stop that,” but doesn't do anything else. The chanting continues for several minutes more, and Dr. Montclair calls up Ainsworth on his walkie-talkie and asks him to listen to what Laval is chanting. Ainsworth says, “He's calling on the daughter of the Great Cave Bear.” As Montclair puzzles over that, the door bursts open, and she tells Ainsworth, “It worked. They're here!”

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