Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Allende Rises To Power

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October 24th, 2006

in 1970, the third time proves to be the charm for Salvador Allende as he is named President of Chile. He had been defeated in two previous runs for the high office, but the socialist politician was finally able to overcome the opposition of conservatives in his own country as well as the US government working behind the scenes to bring him down. President Allende dodged almost three dozen assassination attempts from the CIA as he led Chile through a radical restructuring of its society and a breakdown of its relationship with America. The lowest point in US-Chilean relations came when the CIA sponsored General Augusto Pinochet in a failed coup attempt in 1973. President Allende's survival of this attack seemed to break the back of American resistance to his government, and he even enjoyed good relations with the US once Richard Nixon left the American presidency. His socialism was modeled more along the lines of Western Europe than the Soviet Union, and although the business community didn't like it, it adapted to the protections for Chile's workers and thrived in the late 70's during Allende's second term in office. Chile continued along these mildly socialistic lines through the 80's and 90's, and has one of the most dynamic economies in South America today.

in 1972, the police, along with Professor Karl Ainsworth and Dr. Yvette Montclair, burst into the Lascaux cave in pursuit of Father Vincent Laval and his niece, Sondra. As they stumble towards the forbidden passageway, they hear the roars of the ancient bear and the stifled cries of the young woman, and redouble their pace. Professor Ainsworth reaches the chamber first, and his flashlight shines on a bizarre tableaux – Sondra Laval astride the great bear's back, and the mad priest snuggling its giant muzzle. The professor fires a tranquilizer dart into the bear, but misses when he is startled by making eye contact with Mademoiselle Laval. She cries out to the bear in the Sanskrit language, and it hurtles away at a speed Ainsworth can hardly believe. He fires again, but Father Laval throws himself in the way and takes the dart full in the chest. Dr. Montclair and the police then rush into the chamber, with Montclair warning the gendarmes, “Don't look up.” They cannot catch up with the bear, so they pick up Father Laval and take him back to the police station in Montignac. “I think he'll be ok,” Dr. Montclair says, after examining him, “but we'll have to wait a while before he wakes up. That trank was enough to take down a bear, after all.” Dawn breaks, and the sun rises to noon before the priest finally stirs. “Good afternoon,” Ainsworth says to him from the other side of the bars. “Where is your niece?” The priest chuckles and says, “Embracing her destiny. She is now the bride of the Bear.” The police continue interrogating him for some time, but he says little more other than threats that their souls will soon fill the Bear's belly, and so they finally give up. Leaving him in a jail cell, the two policemen and the two academics confer. One of the officers, Patrice Orleans, says, “At least now, we shouldn't have to worry about the cultists, right?”Ainsworth and Montclair are unsure. “I have no idea whether Mademoiselle Laval was trained in her 'destiny' or not,” Professor Ainsworth says. “But, she did seem quite familiar with Sanskrit.” Officer Orleans snuffs and says, “Not to mention that bear.” They all agree to carry walkie-talkies and stay in contact all night. One of them remains with Father Laval at all times.

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