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An Experiment In Philadelphia

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The state of TIAH

October 28th, 2006

Alternate Historian's Note: We have another entry from Guest Historian Stephen Payne today. Our thanks to Mr. Payne for his continuing research into new areas of alternate history! If you would like to be a guest historian, too, follow the link above 'The state of TIAH' to find out how to contact us.

in 1918, sailors and soldiers of the Central Powers, following the example of the Russian Army, begin a general strike and laying down of arms, and a large number of them begin the trek to their capitol cities to overthrow their respective governments. There is a general feeling among the Central Power militaries that they have been ill-used by those prosecuting the Great War, and they want a reckoning. Germany is the first to feel the wrath of the common soldier, as Kaiser Wilhelm is thrown into the street and ripped limb from limb in their rebellion. The Austrian and Ottoman Emperors escape to Africa, and their rule is replaced by a temporary Soldier's Committee, as is the Kaiser's. The Soldier's Committees of the three nations negotiate an end to the war with the western allies, ceding all the territory that had been conquered by the empires. The western allies are reluctant to accept terms from what their leadership considers “a bunch of reds,” but accepts the terms lest they face uprisings of their own. The Soldiers Committees and Russia negotiate an alliance among themselves – they don't trust the western powers to allow common men to rule nations, and with good reason. In the spring of 1919, some of the so-called “White Governments” send military forces into the “Red Governments” of Austria and the Ottoman Empire to restore the emperors to their respective thrones. These expeditions are easily beaten back, but they leave a bitter feeling between the capitalist west and the more socialistic central Europeans. This sets the stage for the Great Ideological War, 1942-1949, in which the west attacked the Central Powers and even replaced the German People's Government with a monarchy again. The Austrian Socialist Democratic Republic and the People's Republic of Near Asia, with Russia's aid, were able to resist the western advance. Today, there exists an uneasy stalemate between the capitalist monarchies of the west and the socialist democracies of the east in Europe.

in 1943, the secret experiment known as “Project Rainbow” is conducted at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in Pennsylvania. In a military application of Albert Einstein’s unified field theory, the destroyer escort USS Eldridge was fitted with powerful generator equipment, designed to distort electromagnetic radiation and gravity, rendering the ship invisible to radar. The Eldridge not only became almost entirely invisible to the naked eye, but also actually vanished from the area entirely in a flash of blue light. The naval base at Norfolk, Virginia six hundred kilometres away, reported sighting the Eldridge offshore for several minutes, whereupon the Eldridge vanished again and reappeared in Philadelphia, at the site it had originally occupied: a supposed case of accidental teleportation. Military historians consider it improbable that the invasion of Honshu near Tokyo, codename “Operation Coronet”, would have succeeded in the spring of 1946 without the element of surprise offered by the super weapon. -entry by Guest Historian, Stephen Payne-

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