Thursday, October 12, 2006

Colon's Day

We're going pink for October!

The state of TIAH

October 12th, 2006

in 1492, adventurer/brigand Cristobal Colon lands on an island in the western hemisphere, thinking he has landed in India. The boorish and brutal Colon sent his men out onto the island to loot whatever they could find, and they encounter natives there, who do not take kindly to these Europeans. Colon's ship is attacked that night, and he barely manages to sail away with half his crew still alive. The next island they land at is their last; Colon's attempt to enslave the locals ends in two of his ships burning in the Caribbean as the third set desperate sail for home. It never made it back to Spain, but sunk in the Atlantic far from home. It wasn't until decades later that anyone else attempted the voyage west from Europe across the Atlantic Ocean, when English Captain Archibald Manning sailed past Greenland to land on the continent that would be named after him, North Manning.

in 1972, after a day of wandering about Montignac trying in vain to figure which of its citizens was the leader of the cult they encountered in the Lascaux Cave, Professor Karl Ainsworth, Officer Xavier Hely and Dr. Yvette Montclair meet up again at the late Dr. Roman Pelliot's house to discuss other ways they could possibly find this elusive man. Ainsworth joked, “Shall we put an ad in the paper?” Dr. Montclair thought for a moment, then asked Hely, “Does the police department here have bloodhounds? Tracking animals of some kind?” The officer nodded, and she went on. “I have an idea, then.”

in 1997, a lavish showbiz celebrity wedding took place in the small town of College Station, Texas. Singer Cheryl Ann Vernon and writer/director Robert A. Taylor get married in a park on the edge of town in front of a few hundred guests. They are joined by Taylor's childhood friend, publisher George Wier, who had himself ordained just for the occasion. In addition to the families of the happy couple, the guests include a large number of people from the music and film industries, and more than a few deals made at this happy event became albums, films and books a few months later. The newlyweds themselves had a joint production a few years later with the birth of their daughter, Catherine Ann Taylor. The Taylors, true to their small-town roots, have been one of those rare successful celebrity marriages, without even the hint of trouble between the pair.

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