Thursday, October 26, 2006

Conspiracy In The Politburo

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The state of TIAH

October 26th, 2006

Alternate Historian's Note: We have another entry from Guest Historian Stephen Payne today. Our thanks to Mr. Payne for his continuing research into new areas of alternate history! If you would like to be a guest historian, too, follow the link above 'The state of TIAH' to find out how to contact us.

in 1962, the masterful handling of the missiles crises by John F. Kennedy forces conspirators in the Politburo to accept that the Soviet Union has catastrophically underestimated the US President. Previously considered a party-going rich playboy and serial womaniser, Kennedy had bungled the Bay of Pigs invasion and was a weak pushover at the superpower summit in Vienna. Conspirators Leonid Brezhnev, Aleksandr Shelepin and the KGB chief Semichastny determine that a strike against this new and powerful adversary is required immediately before matters deteriorate further. Semichastny presents a series of options which the KGB have already explored in some detail. The repeat failure of assassination squads to eliminate French President Charles De Gaulle quickly led to that option being rejected. So too was a barbiturate induced suicide which had enabled the mob to eliminate Marilyn Monroe, ruled out due to Kennedy's close medical attention. A midnight car crash on Kennedy island, under the influence of alcohol with a young lady for company would surely ruin the President when combined with suitable revelations in the media. With the night of the Hallowe'en party fast approaching, deep sleeper agents were activated and a trap prepared at Chappaquiddick. -entry by Guest Historian, Stephen Payne-

in 1972, a pitched battle erupts as Dr. Yvette Montclair and Officer Patrice Orleans try to hold off Sondra Laval and the cultists from the Lascaux cave. Just as Orleans and Montclair are forced to retreat from Father Laval's cell, Professor Karl Ainsworth and Officer Gerard Hortefeux burst in, firing tranquilizer after tranquilizer into the cave bear Sondra Laval is riding, as well as the cultists who are throwing themselves in front of the bear to protect it. Just before it collapses, the bear bends apart the bars of Father Laval's cell, and he and his niece escape from the police station using cultists as cover. With the fight over, Dr. Montclair examines the bear more closely. “We need to either dump this thing in the woods or kill it,” Officer Orleans says. “We don't have any place we can hold it – look what it did to the jail cell.” Professor Ainsworth says, “I'm reluctant to destroy the last of its species.” Dr. Montclair, looking at the bear's hind quarters, says, “Maybe she's not.”

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