Monday, October 23, 2006

Brutus Is Brought Before Caesar

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October 23rd, 2006

in 711 AUC, conspirator Marcus Brutus, one of several Roman Senators who had attempted to assassinate Julius Caesar, is brought before the Roman dictator after his capture at the battle of Philippi. “What I did, I did for Rome,” he declares in way of defense, and Caesar is moved by his courage in the face of doom. “If I exile you, Brutus, you will simply raise another army and come against me again. Your betrayal necessitates your execution.” Brutus steels himself and tells Caesar that he is prepared to face his punishment. Caesar, though, is stirred to mercy by his long friendship with the man, and says, “I find it difficult to do to you what you would have done to me. I once called you my friend, Bruté, and for that, I commute your sentence. You shall enter my service.” Moved by Caesar's mercy, Brutus becomes a loyal advisor to the dictator, and assists him in consolidating power in Rome.

in 1972, late at night, Professor Karl Ainsworth and Dr. Yvette Montclair see the errant priest, Father Vincent Laval, sneak into the inn where his niece, Sondra Laval, is staying. Dr. Montclair finds a public phone to call the Montignac police and let them know, while Ainsworth goes into the inn and listens outside of Mademoiselle Laval's room. He hears a heated discussion going on inside the room; “You are the last in our line,” Father Laval says to Sondra. “I hadn't thought we would need to have this discussion, but circumstances have changed. Your destiny has come for you, ma petite Sondra. You must come with me to the cave, so that I may instruct you in the duties our family is charged with.” The mademoiselle demurs, saying, “I don't understand, Uncle Vincent. Father always said that you were the one who bore the family burden.” The police arrive, and Ainsworth motions for them to keep quiet so that he can hear Father Laval's reply. “Unfortunately, my child, it looks like my ability to carry it has been compromised. As the youngest, you must be taught to carry on after me.” One of the police officers stumbles against the door, alerting the Lavals to the presence of someone outside their room. The listeners hear the sound of breaking glass, and rush in to see the two Lavals landing on the ground outside and rushing away in the direction of the Lascaux cave. Ainsworth and Montclair rush to their car, while the officers get their patrol car, and they race off to the cave.

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